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Broken trust

We are members of a valued and highly regarded community of trust. We live in a community that is driven by a common decency, moral respectability and honor system. It should come as no surprise, that as a result of a perceived breach in this code of confidentiality, we were dismayed by The Cavalier Daily's recent report that made public a matter that could have been more appropriately left private until further results were proven.

The publication of several student-athletes' legal difficulties is utterly problematic. To the credit of The Cavalier Daily, the staff fairly and accurately reported information about the legal difficulties facing the students. In turn, it was the exploitation of these men which garnered popularity from our peers. The question is at what cost do we publicize the vulnerabilities of our fellow classmates so that we may be looked upon with excellence?

Within our community of trust, The Cavalier Daily has produced a vivid story, all the while neglecting the effects such an act would have on the alleged criminals. The report is undoubtedly a smack in the face of the students who need our support, rather than acts of stigmatization. It should be remembered that we should stand behind them during this trying time. It would be only appropriate granted that just months ago, we could be found in the football stadium leaping for joy at their success while now we all too quickly sit in anticipation of the alleged crimes. I regret to inform students that our University newspaper is much too quick to exploit the popularity of our peers for an appealing headline.

Diamond Riley\nCLAS III

\nJared Brown\nCLAS II