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Soaked in blood

I was disappointed to read Jamie Dailey's column ("Discrimination by interpretation") in The Cavalier Daily on Friday, March 25, in which he asserted that all conservatives and Christians are "soaked in blood" as a result of the suicides of young, gay and lesbian teens.

First, I must say that every suicide is a tragedy, regardless of the individual's race, gender, religion or lifestyle. I also recognize that immature and violent people across this country use race, gender, religion and lifestyle as excuses to bully, assault and intimidate others. Such activity is despicable.

Nevertheless, the solution that Jamie advocates is as intolerant as it is impractical. In Jamie's view, the answer is to have the government stop anyone from speaking and, most likely, believing that the gay lifestyle is wrong and/or harmful.

Is this truly what tolerance is: trying to silence anyone who disagrees with you? I agree with Jamie that using violence and intimidation against those with whom you disagree is shameful and has no place in civil society. I also would note that violence and intimidation are not reserved for conservatives. Those on the Left find use for them as well. But the answer is not to remove the other side's First Amendment rights of speech and religion to try and ensure that everyone shares your world view.

I am a fundamental Christian, and I believe that the gay lifestyle is wrong. I have never bullied, slandered or intimidated anyone who chooses to live this lifestyle, however. I have friends who are gay and lesbian, and I treat them with courtesy and respect. I will not rant, rave or name-call against those who disagree with me. I ask Jamie to do the same.

I also was disappointed with Jamie's characterization of the Christian interpretation of biblical text. As Jamie does not believe that the Bible is true, I do not expect him to spend a lot of time understanding what the Bible says. Since he chose to comment on the good faith of those who do believe, however, I expected him to do more than create strawman arguments and then push them over.

Matthew Miller\n LAW II