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U-Hall fix for Rotunda

I have not written The Cavalier Daily before. I do recall a friend, Larry Brunton, writing you about a truth in journalism issue. To wit, our amphitheater is not an amphitheater, only a hemi-amphitheater.

I write now because our beloved Rotunda needs $50 million dollars in repairs.

The University has asked Richmond for funds for the roof repairs to the Rotunda, offering to further expand the size of the undergraduate class.

There is a very good roof available for the Rotunda off-Grounds... at University Hall. The U-Hall roof is white and round and dome shaped, albeit wrinkled. Why not move this roof and place it on new columns over the top of the Rotunda.

The administration hired consultants to say U-Hall is frankly dangerous and its roof could not be fixed right. And Bush said there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

U-Hall was replaced by John Paul Jones Arena. The arena cost $130 million dollars. True, the University has the best venue for mega concerts and special events - big wheel trucks come to mind - in the state.

Should this be our mission? Contrast this commercial excess with unfunded maintenance of a world heritage academic site on Grounds.

Tom Sturgill\n CLAS 71