Bucket List: Five Spots To Hit Before You Graduate

In presenting tableau's list of things to do before graduation, we caution that we have no intention of competing with some of the longer lists floating out there. Streak the lawn, paint Beta bridge, receive Bodo's No. 1 ticket - though these familiar Virginia traditions are worthwhile aspirations, we want to challenge you to venture out of your comfort zone and try these lesser known, yet equally awesome, things to do. Who knows - maybe you'll make some traditions of your own. Without further ado, here is our list of the five things you never knew you had to do before you graduate.

1. Get lost at Daedalus Bookshop\nTucked away on 4th Street by the Downtown Mall, this dust-dappled bookstore overflows with books which range from trade fare to rare, limited copy editions of Catcher in the Rye. The catacomb-like basement is the perfect place to soak in a burst of literary energy or to find an unexpected read for a rainy day.

2. Attend final Fridays at the U.Va. art museum \nOn the last Friday of every month, a lively group of students, professors and community art aficionados gather at the University Art Museum to discuss exhibitions, chat with friends and munch on free food and drinks. Often accompanied by special events or lectures, Final Fridays are a great way to get plugged into the art community - and the events are free for all students, so there's no excuse not to attend.

3. Eat a community dinner at random row books\nCrisscrossed by bookshelves, various tables and other browsers, the large, well-lit room comprising Random Row Books offers a lovingly curated selection of books, magazines and other artistic fare. Random Row offers a plethora of events, but we're especially fond of Wednesday night community dinners, in which Charlottesville residents gather to share a free meal, discuss pertinent community issues and jam to local music offerings.

4. Take a class through Charlottesville Trade School\nAn expansion on the concept of bartering, students of the Charlottesville Trade School can sign up to learn new "trades" which range from textile craftmaking to basic bicycle maintenance. In exchange for their expertise, the school's teachers request mixed CDs, baked goods or even a haircut, depending on the instructor's needs. If you're a perpetual lover of learning, or if you want to try something totally new, the Charlottesville Trade School is a great idea to explore. Classes are held in spaces all over town, including the Bridge PAI and the Garage.

5. Catch a movie at Vinegar Hill Theater\nOften difficult to find for the average moviegoer, Vinegar Hill lies right off the Downtown Mall's east end. In contrast to the wide release thrillers and rom-coms that populate most theater offerings, Vinegar Hill shows high-quality limited release, foreign and indie films. Wood paneling, Italian sodas and a smaller screen contribute to an old school theater experience; attend a screening to find a community of film buffs and cinematic enthusiasts.

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