Rachel Lim


A project of mammoth proportions

The cardboard mammoth seemed to appear overnight, and once it secured its place in the back of Clark Hall, people hardly asked any questions.

No mystery here:

Several words come to mind when describing the BBC One hit Sherlock - thrilling, suspenseful and brilliant, but certainly not elementary, my dear Watson.

Craig Thompson's graphic novel Habibi is an aesthetically beautiful journey which takes place in the fictional land of Wanatolia, an Arab-esque country dominated by sweeping deserts and rapidly growing cities.

Hometown Heroes: Sean Patrick Thomas

You may not recognize Sean Patrick Thomas's name, but odds are you would recognize his face. The versatile actor has appeared and starred in a number of hit movies and television shows, including Save the Last Dance and Reaper (CW). Just as notably, Thomas once graced the hallowed halls of the University as a member of the Class of 1992. The son of Guyanese immigrants, Thomas was raised in Wilmington, Del.

Rising profile of arts on Grounds

Walking past the unassuming Booker House on University Avenue, it's easy to discount the small brick building's impact on the Betsy and John Casteen Arts Grounds just down the street.

Capturing motion

In "Among School Children," one of his most iconic poems, Irish poet William Butler Yeats asks, "O body swayed to music, O brightening glance/ How can we know the dancer from the dance?" Though Yeats posed his question in 1928, artists today are still unraveling the answer.

Laura Dave Interview

We are obsessed with love: legislating legitimate forms of it, institutionalizing it through marriage and other unions, depicting culturally accepted norms in the media.

Artistic ambition takes flight

Scan a billboard at Newcomb and you'll see flyers promoting everything from a capella to Shakespeare, hip-hop to opera, film to literary magazines.