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In memoriam

A great loss to the University community was felt upon the passing of Gregory Colomb of the English department on Tuesday, October 11. Greg, or "Mr. Colomb" as I always addressed him, was my assigned advisor first and second year. Although mandatory advising meetings are only supposed to be 15 minutes long, I was always in there for at least twice that allotted time period, talking about the different classes I could take, but more importantly, discussing New Orleans, the drinking age, the different rainboots people wore around and if I should go to graduate school or not. Mr. Colomb made a profound impact on me and I deeply respected his opinions and all the advice he most graciously bestowed on me without ever crossing the line and being preachy or "old" about it.

I distinctly remember one meeting last fall when I shamefully admitted my disinterest in my classes, and school in general, when I was supposed to be talking to him about my tentative spring schedule. He looked at me and chuckled through his beard as he nonchalantly responded, "That's something called [the] sophomore slump, it's okay you'll get over it." This may or may not have been the same meeting that he tried to convince me more than three times to take a class called "Circus in America."

He was a kooky guy and, unlike most of the professors at the University, did not intimidate me, and I trusted him. This year, each time I walked into Bryan Hall for French class, I kept telling myself to see if he was in to talk about the crazy academic year ahead and if he had any insight on how to get it under control. Upon learning of his passing, the only thing that I could think of was that I had not managed to go and talk to him and see his smiling face and suspenders one last time. I am grateful that fate chose our paths to cross, and my heart goes out to his family and friends whose grief must far exceed my own.

Rest in peace, Mr. Colomb, you will be sorely missed.

Sofia Economopoulos\nCLAS III