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Seats at the table

Once again, The Cavalier Daily is missing the point (“Board room,” Sept. 5). Indeed it would be useful to have a voting member at the Honor Committee-sponsored roundtable. However, that voting member should be Hillary Hurd. The University is unique in its student self-governance, and the Committee itself is one of many examples that speak to its success. The broader concern here is that the student member does not have a vote to allow for real student efficacy on the Board.
Hillary Hurd may not have a vote, but she changed her position on the ouster of President Teresa Sullivan weeks before any other Visitor. And like many of the “real” Visitors, it appears Ms. Hurd was largely left out of the initial decisions that led to Sullivan’s removal. She is as good as any other at illustrating the shortcomings of the insular processes the University Rector apparently employed in her machinations. Even if the Rector herself appeared on the panel, we could not expect anything but tight-lipped responses.

So make the case that a voting member should be present to interrogate — I agree with you there. But The Cavalier Daily should recognize that a push for voting student and faculty representatives on the Board is a crucial part of this dialogue.

If not, at least hear what Hurd has to say in the meantime.

_Brendan Wynn