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Brendan Maupin Wynn

​WYNN: Don’t marginalize survivors of sexual assault

Living with the memory of a sexual assault is unimaginable to me. And as a male, it’s less likely to be something I’ll ever have to deal with. But I know that many of you live with this memory every day. Some of you do so silently, feeling you can never report your assailant to the University or to the police. You might think that no one will believe you. You might think that it’s somehow your fault. You might think that no one has your back.

WYNN: The greater of two evils

So, I can’t say Terry McAuliffe will be good for U.Va. or good for Virginia. But I know Ken Cuccinelli won’t be — he’s already proven that. Like most people, I’m going to the polls to vote against a gubernatorial candidate. But this can’t be the way we do things next time. There must be some candidate we can vote for, not against.

WYNN: Aid we can count on

If anyone can come up with creative and innovative ways to save the program, it’s students who know firsthand what these changes would feel like. If listening to the research scientist the Board hired is absolutely not an option, there are still other ways to avoid saddling low-income students with $28,000 in federal debt.

Seats at the table

The Cavalier Daily should recognize that a push for voting student and faculty representatives on the Board is a crucial part of this dialogue.

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