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Showtime’s Dexter closes in for kill

Television shows can get pretty strange, creepy and downright disturbing, but none compare to Showtime’s Dexter. Never before have people sat down on a Sunday night and said, “Hey, I want to watch a nice serial killer who I completely support in all of his endeavors.” As unbelievable as it sounds, Dexter succeeds in rewiring your mind to believe the serial killer is the good guy.

Based off Jeff Lindsay’s book Darkly Dreaming Dexter, the show has mesmerized viewers for the past six seasons and is slated to do so for two more.

Dexter follows the sociopathic title character (Michael C. Hall) through his everyday life. It starts with his routine breakfast of eggs, blood oranges, coffee and ham, and shows him at work as a blood analyst for the Miami Metro Police Department before he heads home to be with his son. Oh, right — and then the show brings us to dark alleys and strangers’ houses to watch good ol’ Dex stalk and kill murderers. No big deal.

But Dexter is no monster — he has a moral code that has allowed him to develop relationships in the previous seasons. Though no one has survived to tell the secret of his desire to kill, Dexter has created emotional connections with his coworkers, his now-dead wife, his sister and, most importantly, his son. All that changes this season.

The season six finale left die-hard fans like myself flabbergasted and desperate for the season seven premiere. The final scene showed Dexter killing the vicious Doomsday Killer as his sister Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) walked in. His secret is out, and this time not to someone who is easily disposable. After all, Deb is different — or so we think. Only the next few episodes will be able to tell just what Dexter does as his secret is on the brink of being exposed.

Thanks to this plot twist, the entire series is likely going in a different direction. Rather than watching the ever-vigilant and skilled Dexter track down and kill a serial killer for an entire season with some fun side drama among the supporting characters, we will watch as Dexter unravels at the prospect of losing everything — his job, his friends, his comfortable life and even his son. And given what Dexter’s boss finds at the site of the Doomsday Killer’s crime scene, even his own precinct might be on to him. Dexter, then, has more than a few hurdles to jump this season. Unfortunately, he does not seem equipped with a well thought-out plan to keep his after-work activities private. Instead, we watched as he kicked a hole in his apartment wall and uncovered a “get-away bag” containing passports, money and a gun. As someone who, herself, has fallen in love with this vindictive murderer, I hope he does not have to use it.