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The Cavalier Daily elects 124th staff

Newly elected staff pursue digitally innovative journalism

The Cavalier Daily elected its 124th Staff in Jefferson Hall on Saturday. Digital innovation, staff-managing board relations and transparency all featured heavily in the election discussion.

Third-year College student Kaz Komolafe was elected editor-in-chief. She served on the 123rd Staff as managing editor, the position responsible for overseeing the paper’s literary content.

“What’s really exciting to me is we all have a lot of experience on the paper,” Komolafe said. “We’re all friends,” she added, referring to fellow members of the Managing Board.

Third-year College student Caroline Houck, who was one of two assistant managing editors last term, was chosen as managing editor. She too noted the experience and cohesion of the Managing Board and said the quality of talent at the paper extended to the Junior Board.

“I don’t foresee myself as a micro-manager,” Houck said. “I think we elected a wonderful group of Junior Board members [and] I don’t want it to be a top-down-heavy decision [making process].”

Third-year Engineering student Meghan Luff, a former Production editor, stepped into the job of operations manager, who is responsible for the paper’s digital and print content delivery.

“We have to remember that we are still a daily news source for the people of U.Va. and we need to convey that through our design,” Luff said in discussing the switch to focusing on digital content announced by the Cavalier Daily in a press release Friday.

Third-year College student Charlie Tyson, Houck’s counterpart as assistant managing editor last term, moved over to the Opinion section by taking the job of executive editor, who is responsible for composing the lead editorial. The lead editorial is reviewed and edited by members of the Managing Board.

“I take the responsibility of representing the views of The Cavalier Daily very seriously,” Tyson said. “Whether the staff as a whole agrees with everything that I write, that will probably not happen.”

Second-year College student Kiki Bandlow served as project manager and associate project manager for the business staff last term and will take on the role of chief financial officer. She looks to continue the previous Managing Board’s efforts to improved financial solvency and transparency, an effort Komolafe, Houck and Tyson all said would benefit the paper.

“We want everybody to understand the financial situation of the paper in its entirety,” Bandlow said.

Bandlow plans to publish monthly finance reports to bring the Business Staff closer with the rest of the paper.

Houck and Bandlow said they were excited by the prospect of so many women taking leading roles at the paper. Four of the five members of the managing board are women and 16 women were elected either the Managing Board or Junior Board on Saturday.

“I think it’s spectacular,” Bandlow said. “I think it really says something about how far we have come as a society.”

Second-year College students Matt Comey and Andrew Elliott replaced Houck and Tyson as assistant managing editors. Second-year College students Emily Hutt and Kelly Kaler, both former associate news editors, took over as News editors.

Second-year College student Daniel Weltz and third-year College student Fritz Metzinger became Sports editors but will continue to cover the men’s basketball team this season. Third-year College student Valerie Clemens and first-year College student Julia Horowitz took over as Life editors. Clemens had previously served as senior associate News editor.

Third-year College Student Conor Sheehey remains Arts & Entertainment editor and is joined by third-year College student Kathryn Cole. Third-year College student Grace Hollis, a veteran associate News editor, took over the Focus section.

Second-year College student Kamala Ganesh is stepping into the role of the Health & Science editor, while former Health and Science editor Monika Fallon, a fourth-year College student, will remain in an advisory capacity for the remainder of the academic year.

Second-year College student Katherine Ripley remains Opinion editor and is joined by second-year College student Denise Taylor.

Second-year College students Rebecca Lim and Sylvia Oe will stay on as Production editors. They will be joined by second-year College student Mary Beth Desrosiers, who served as a Production associate last term. Second-year College student Stephen Rowe and second-year Engineering student Peter Simonsen will remain in their role as Graphics Editors.

Simonsen will also serve as Online editor. Former Operations Manager Greg Lewis will take over as social media manager, and second-year College student Claire Wang was elected to the new role of multimedia manager.