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Love Connection: Getting closer to a real spark each week

Year: First
Major: Undecided
Sexual orientation: Straight
U.Va. involvement: Kelloggian
Hometown: Richmond, VA
Ideal date (person): MUST have a great body, MUST be a hipster, MUST be as close to ginger as possible, also MUST have fantastic forearms — use Jeremy Renner as a reference.
Ideal date (activity): Going to a fancy dinner where my date serenades me and showers me with luxurious gifts.
If you could date any celebrity, who would it be? Jeremy Renner…duh.
Deal breakers: Weak forearms
Describe a typical weekend: Play some Xbox, eat some food, party for a bit, watch some Star Wars, check Reddit, party some more, sleep, go to O’hill and end it by telling my roommate she’s the best.
Hobbies: Watching the basketball players eat, watching them play … just watching them in general.
If your dating life were a prime-time or reality show, what would it be? The Bad Girls Club.
Have you ever streaked the Lawn: I don’t streak lawns.
What makes you a good catch? I’m HOT.
Describe yourself in one sentence: Bangin’.

Year: Second
Major: Do I have to pick one?
Sexual orientation: Straight
U.Va. involvement: U.Va. Arts Scholar, FIFA Club, Rugby
Hometown: London, England
Ideal date (person): Tall, skinny, dark eyes, dark hair. I love it when girls tell me I’m funny even though I know I’m not.
If you could date any celebrity, who would it be: Lucy Liu.
Describe a typical weekend: Go out to bars at night, play FIFA during the day, walk around in my underwear in my apartment on Sunday and think about doing homework before just watching something on Netflix.
Hobbies: FIFA, Rugby and occasionally acting.
If your dating life were a prime-time or reality show, what would it be? American Idol. Sometimes it’s very good … but it’s just generally very funny because it’s so bad.
Have you ever streaked the Lawn? No. I’m too scared to do it alone.
What makes you a good catch? I have an English accent.
Describe yourself in one sentence: I’m a caring, genuine man who tries too hard to be funny sometimes.

Morgan and Christian met at the rotunda at 7 p.m. on Monday night and went to Basil.

Morgan: My friend Maddie filled the survey out on my behalf.

Christian: I was kind of confused when I got it selected because I didn’t really know what it was and I spent the whole day trying to figure out who submitted it for me. I told my friend that as long as it wasn’t a man I would go.

Morgan: I was surprised when I was chosen. Honestly, I thought it was kind of funny because I had forgotten about it. My friend was very excited for me. I was nervous but I went anyway.

Christian: I have never been on a blind date before. My expectations were very, very little. Just hoping it wasn’t a complete train wreck, and it was not. Not at all. It was good fun.

Morgan: I got there around 10 minutes early, because I didn’t want to be late, and he got there 30 seconds after me, so we both got there early so that was nice. He came up to me and I was sitting on the stairs and he asked me, “This is a weird question, but are you Morgan?”

Christian: I don’t really have a type, but she seemed like she was really nice, so that was good.

Morgan: Well he was not what was described on the application, which was good because my friend put exactly the opposite of my type. We shook hands and he hugged me because “this whole thing is going to be awkward anyway,” he said.

Christian: Her being a first-year, I just asked her where she’d been and I just proposed Basil, because it’s quite a nice place, and she’d never been there, and I thought worst-case scenario she’d experience a new restaurant.

Morgan: He’s from just outside of London so we talked about travelling, which he has done a lot of and I haven’t done very much. I like accents. The conversation flowed pretty well. The British [accent] was especially good.

Christian: On the way there it was rather obvious introductions, where we’re from, etc. She lived in Seattle, which was pretty cool. Her favorite superhero is Batman, which is a big deal for me, so we had that in common.

Morgan: We had similar taste in music. We both really like the Lumineers, he had been to a Mumford and Sons concert recently and I was jealous.

Christian: She kind of got my humour (spelled with a “u”), I guess. She hangs out with a lot of guys. We were talking about maybe sabotaging the interview and saying that once of us had a really great time and one of us had an awful time. I guess that didn’t pan out.

Morgan: There wasn’t really noticeable flirting, but I think there was some. It was mostly just talking.

Christian: I mean, not really, there was no flirting. I could not see myself going out with her again romantically. I’m sure I’ll see her out at one point.

Morgan: I could see us talking again. I don’t know that I can see us going out on another real date like that. I really like talking to him. I thought we got along pretty well. I’m not really looking for a romantic connection right now, so I didn’t really feel anything like that.

Christian: I’ll give it a 7, just because it was good; I enjoyed it; the only reason it’s not higher is just because I don’t think we connected romantically. We had a lot of fun.

Morgan: I asked him what his last name was so I could friend him. I would give it probably a 7 or an 8. It was really nice but it ended up more feeling like a friend, getting to know someone really well, as opposed to a date thing.

_Christian and Morgan are now friends on Facebook. _