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With a little steak, date causes beef

Year: Second
School: College
Major: Environmental Chemistry and Archaeology
Sexual orientation: Gay
U.Va. involvement: Two music ensembles, Green Grounds, Sigma Phi Society
Hometown: Vienna, Va.
Ideal date (physical attributes and personality): I usually prefer taller guys, but that’s not a deal breaker. Just a nice, genuine and attractive guy.
Ideal date (activity): Not dinner — something fun.
If you could date any celebrity, who would it be: Definitely Chris Evans, he is HOT.
Deal breakers: Just don’t be a jerk.
Describe a typical weekend: I usually go out Thursday through Saturday. I love spending time cooking over the weekend. Shopping is definitely one of my favorite activities.
Hobbies: I love cooking in my boxers, playing the viola, dancing at parties. Anything that is fun.
If your dating life were a primetime or reality show, what would it be: The Hard Times of RJ Berger
Have you ever streaked the Lawn: Two times, and Old Dorms quad once.
What makes you a good catch — It’s okay to brag: There is definitely never a dull moment with me, so expect to be surprised. I am a genuine guy who holds back nothing.
Describe yourself in one sentence: I am a crazy Gemini who loves to have a good time and doesn’t like taking life too seriously.

Year: First
School: College
Major: Pre-Comm/South Asian Studies
Sexual orientation: Gay
U.Va. involvement: Student Council, Dance Marathon dorm rep, Queer Student Union
Hometown: Glen Allen, Va.
Ideal date (physical attributes and personality): Height isn’t too important to me, but I do prefer a smaller build. Humor is a huge plus and authenticity is a must. I like the kind of guy who makes a five-hour conversation feel like 10 minutes.
Ideal date (activity): Dinner on the Corner, then a walk through the Lawn gardens and some stargazing to finish the night.
If you could date any celebrity, who would it be: Joseph Gordon-Levitt — that kid is freaking adorable.
Deal breakers: Smoking addiction. I’d rather see a guy before I smell him. I also could never date someone who wears Crocs — those “shoes” are in my nightmares.
Describe a typical weekend: I usually go out Friday and Saturday nights here. If it’s been a long week, I’ll probably just spend most of my time talking or watching movies with close friends.
Hobbies: I enjoy watching old comedy sketches, reading about India and listening to some of the worst music ever made — e.g. Ke$ha, Macklemore, Nicki Minaj.
If your dating life were a primetime or reality show, what would it be: Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. I can be dumb at times, but I also build extremely strong emotional attachments to those I’m closest to.
Have you ever streaked the Lawn: Twice! I love this school!
What makes you a good catch — It’s okay to brag: I’m stubborn and oftentimes clumsy, but at the end of the night you can guarantee that you’ll look like the world’s best dancer compared to me.
Describe yourself in one sentence: That [stuff] cray.

Bobby & Jason met on the Rotunda Steps on Monday at 7 p.m. and went to Revolutionary Soup

Bobby: I was excited at first. I guess I didn’t really have any expectations just because someone who’s going to fill out a survey like this is going to be pretty out in the gay community. I figured I would already know the person. [Note: he did]

Jason: Well, after I found out I was matched, I started thinking who in the community would be open enough to fill out the survey.

Bobby: The thing was, when [Love Connection] told me the first name, I [realized I knew] four or five gay Jasons here. I kind of knew that it would just be one of them. [Then] I walked by the Rotunda — two people were sitting there — and one of them I knew was named Jason.

Jason: He’s not my type, really, at all. We both sort of agreed that we weren’t super romantically compatible. He’s a good friend, but we have very different personalities.

Bobby: We went to Revolutionary Soup. I’m pretty sure he wanted to go somewhere else — No. 3 — but there was nobody there and I’m a vegetarian, so I kind of figured that Rev. Soup would be easier. Once I found out that it was [Jason] I didn’t really consider it a date anymore.

Jason: We talked about a lot of different stuff, I guess. We talked about frat life and past dating experiences.

Bobby: I told him I didn’t think [I would be matched with] him because I thought he had a boyfriend.

Jason: I learned that he’s a vegetarian. I didn’t know that before, [even after] all the times we’d hung out. At one point, he showed me his Tumblr post about how all people who eat meat are murderers. That was interesting.

Bobby: See, I’m a vegetarian. I can’t believe they sent me with a murderer. I was glaring at his steak quesadilla the whole time.

Jason: Bobby told me he was vegetarian, so I made sure to order beef.

Bobby: He did make a comment at one point that he didn’t feel he got to know me any better by doing this. I don’t know, if he’d wanted to know something he could’ve just asked me.

Jason: I guess we both like partying and going out to a certain extent. We’ve gone out together before as friends.

Bobby: I invited him back to my apartment to hang out. We didn’t do anything.

Jason: There weren’t any major breakdowns in conversation, and outside our discussion on people who eat meat there wasn’t anything too uncomfortable. When we went back to his apartment all of his roommates showed up, and that was kind of interesting to have all of those people around.

Bobby: I think he was kind of upset it [was] more just hanging out as friends. He was excited for it, and I guess he was a little more dressed up than I was. I guess he was a little mad I didn’t keep an open mind. I told him I didn’t think we are compatible as more than friends.

Jason: There was no flirting going on. At some point I just left his apartment and went back to my dorm. There was no magical ending.

Bobby: See the thing is, he told me he was going to rate the date a 0.5, so I [decided to] rate it a 0.1.

Jason: There was never a date vibe, so I guess if [I was just rating] hanging out with him, I’d rate it a 6 or a 7. But as a date, there was nothing there, so I guess a 1.