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Brett is back: The first Love Connection sequel

Brett and Laura share burger, actually kind of like each other


Major: Accounting

U.Va. involvement: Second Year Council, Student Council Public Service Committee, Blueprint Peer Leader, Shoplifters Anonymous Club President

Spirit animal: Fox

Ideal date (person): Hot, dangerous, possibly a middle-hair part?

Ideal date (activity): Talking about my past Love Connection date

If you could date any celebrity, it would be: Gloria Allred. Sue me! Actually, please do, Gloria.

Deal breakers: Lack of things in common or if she thinks people are money-making machines

Describe a typical weekend: Meals with friends, spurts of studying, meeting new people!

Hobbies: Getting random girls to go out with me by telling them they’re actually on Love Connection

If your life were a primetime or reality show, it would be: Archer. Just because I feel like I sound like [Jessica Walter].

Have you ever streaked the Lawn? With a cop on each leg

Brag about yourself. What makes you a good catch? Lithe, youthful…basically everything, ladies ;)


Major: English and Spanish

U.Va. involvement: Madison House, Club Tennis, First Year Facilitator, Alpha Chi Omega

Spirit animal: Long-eared hedgehog

Ideal date (person): Fit, hot, funny, intelligent

Ideal date (activity): Getting out of C’ville for something new and different, maybe hiking or Monticello or something

If you could date any celebrity, it would be: Christian Bale

Deal breakers: Snobby, uptight, not adventurous

Describe a typical weekend: I laze around during the day and go out at night.

Hobbies: Watching funny videos on the Internet, eating froyo, reading

If your life were a primetime or reality show, it would be: Girls

Have you ever streaked the Lawn: Yes

Brag about yourself. What makes you a good catch? People tell me I’m funny.

The Date:

Laura: I applied for Love Connection because I figured, if nothing else, it would at least be a good story. When I got the text I started laughing and told all of my roommates. I then proceeded to tweet about it, [needing to] inform the masses that at least the Cav Daily found me dateable.

Brett: I was dying for another chance at love so I applied to Love Connection for a second time. I was so excited when I found out I was selected for the first Love Connection sequel ever!

Laura: I’d never been on a blind date, but I was pretty open to meeting my soulmate.

Brett: When out I found out her name was Laura, I immediately started guessing whether or not it was a Laura I knew. Surprisingly, it wasn’t! (Note: Brett has 18 facebook friends named Laura).

Laura: [The first thing I noticed] was he brought an umbrella, and I remember thinking he was already more on the ball than I was.

Brett: I was impressed that she set up the date at 5 p.m. She knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to venture into eating times normally reserved for those over the age of 65 to get it. When I first saw her, I thought that she looked like a nice, pretty, insouciant girl.

Laura: We tried to go to Lemongrass but it was closed, so we wandered over to Boylan.

Brett: She was still recovering from St. Patty’s Day so I figured Boylan would either help or make it a lot worse.

Laura: We talked about everything from classes to mutual friends to involvement around Grounds and summer plans — all the basic stuff. He just got into the Comm School, scored a summer internship and went to Puerto Rico for spring break, so that was exciting — especially since all I did [over break] was log a record number of hours hanging out with my parents.

Brett: We chatted about pretty much everything over our shared hamburger. I was really hoping to find out someone in her family had the first name Ryan so that he would be Ryan Reynolds. Unfortunately, this was not the case. [Note: Laura’s last name is Reynolds]

Laura: The conversation was pretty back and forth. He was better at asking questions — definitely a good conversationalist. We found out he used to date a girl who lived on my hall first year, so that really brought us together.

Brett: I felt we had a good amount in common. She went to a full immersion school and I study Spanish at La Casa Bolívar, so I tried to woo her with my Spanish speaking skills.

Laura: After dinner, I had to go to the house for chapter, so he walked me there with his trusty umbrella.

Brett: On the walk to AXO, Laura tried to say she really didn’t need to be covered by my umbrella and seemed pretty serious about it. I respected her for it, but I didn’t want all of Rugby Road to be judging me for a lack of chivalry, so I forced her to get under.

Laura: In general, I would rate it a 7 out of 10. It was fun and the conversation flowed nicely.

Brett: There was some flirting going on, and it felt more like a date than hanging out. I paid for the bill of one hamburger of course. I would rate it an 8 out of 10 for sure.

Update: Brett and Laura hugged goodbye after the date and are now Facebook friends.