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LETTER: A reminder to stay vigilant

I have read with interest the articles in The Cavalier Daily regarding the disappearance of Hannah Graham, in large part as the parent of a daughter who attended and graduated from the University and as an alumnus who is closely involved with working with undergraduates at the University.

My daughter lived off-Grounds for three of her four years, including at the 14th street corridor where Hannah Graham was living, and my wife I continued to remain concerned about our daughter’s safety, reminding her regularly, I am sure to her annoyance, to be conscious of the need for personal security. Indeed in the fall of 1996, her final year, tragedy did strike in the buildings were she resided and a very close friend perished in a fire which affected our daughter profoundly. And, as now, a pall settled over the University, in the wake of that tragic event.

I could not agree more with the view espoused by University President Teresa Sullivan, that the University “is as safe as we can make it.” I am confident Dean of Students Allen Groves and his staff, as well as many other University employees are taking every measure to maintain Grounds as 100 percent safe and secure.

A critical part of keeping students safe is ensuring that they constantly remain diligent to look out for any risky actions contemplated or engaged in on the part of classmates and friends. In my work with the alumni organization of my fraternity at the University, I constantly urge actives to do just this — not to take unnecessary risks themselves, but also to be on the lookout for such activity by fraternity members.

My wife and I remain deeply saddened by the disappearance of Hannah Graham and our thoughts remain with her parents.

Harry R. Marshall, Jr. 

CLAS ‘61


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