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Harry R. Marshall

LETTER: A reminder to stay vigilant

I have read with interest the articles in The Cavalier Daily regarding the disappearance of Hannah Graham, in large part as the parent of a daughter who attended and graduated from the University and as an alumnus who is closely involved with working with undergraduates at the University.My daughter lived off-Grounds for three of her four years, including at the 14th street corridor where Hannah Graham was living, and my wife I continued to remain concerned about our daughter’s safety, reminding her regularly, I am sure to her annoyance, to be conscious of the need for personal security.

LETTER: Alumni responsibility

The continuance of the system is important to not only undergraduates but also to the alumni who became members as undergraduates and developed friendships during their years at the University which remain important to many.

LETTER: No spotlighting or dimming

To the Editor: The March 6, 2014 article in The Cavalier Daily regarding the percentage of Honor offense reports filed against minority students sets forth a view by the Honor Committee Chair as follows: “Speaking to the possible causes of higher reporting against minorities, Berhle pinpointed three distinct problems: a lack of understanding among international students, spotlighting of minority offenses and dimming of offenses committed by white students.” The Chairman’s comment regarding “spotlighting” and “dimming” is at best a disingenuous assessment of the cause of the problem.

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