Newcomb Dining Hall to release new mixtape, “Ooh Baby, you a Rump Roaster”

Mixtape to feature eclectic mix of hits


The Fresh Food Company, commonly referred to as Newcomb Dining Hall, announced last Monday they will release of a mixtape comprised of student’s favorite songs that normally play over loudspeakers throughout the dining room. The album will be titled, “Ooh Baby, You a Rump Roaster.”

“The mixtape will include the sick new beats of NSYNC, Flo Rida and M&M [sic], among others,” a press release said.

Arts & Entertainment had a chance to sit down with Mike Lefkovich, the Fresh Food Company’s chief of music and “Rump Roaster” producer.

“A lot of people think we just turn on SiriusXM, and quite frankly that’s insulting to me,” Lefkovich said. “We hand pick our music based on what’s new and popular among students and to match the mood of the dining hall. [The mixtape] tries to reflect that.”

Lefkovich said the idea came to him in a moment of Zen-like realization.

“I was eating slightly stale corn flakes and drinking coffee before my 6 a.m. shift when Sir Mix-a-Lot’s ‘Baby Got Back’ came on, and I thought ‘Everybody should be able to experience this, all the time,’” he said.

Other hit artists to be included on the album are Creed, Nickelback and Lil Jon.

“[Lil Jon] played a big role in motivating me to make the tape,” Lefkovich said. “There’s nothing I’d rather listen to while enjoying a nice dinner with friends than Lil’ Jon screaming about sweat dripping off of other guys.”

Student responses have been largely enthusiastic toward the release.

“This mixtape is going to be pretty rad,” third-year James Caesar said. “I’ve preordered it on CD, cassette, vinyl and gramophone. It’s going to be tight.”

“Rump Roaster” will be given to all those who participate in Early Meal Plan Sign Up (EMPSU) and are to be distributed by Double Swipe Dean.

“I was a little nervous about getting an O’Hill guy to distribute a Newcomb mixtape,” Lefkovich said. “But he’s the best. The students are getting a mixtape whether they want it or not.”

University President Teresa Sullivan seemed enthusiastic about the announcement.

“CAPS will have extended hours in light of the release,” she said via email.

Runk and Observatory Hill Dining Halls were not to be outdone, though. Both quickly responded, announcing the pending release of their albums “Runk Raps” and “O-Hill Overtures.”

Lefkovich said he wasn’t worried about the competition.

“People come to Newcomb for two reasons — the convenience and the music,” he said. “We’ve already won.”

Future releases are already in the works, Lefkovich said.

“There’s no shortage of music that the students want to hear,” he said. “Ray J’s ‘Sexy Can I’ and Aqua’s ‘Barbie Girl’ are both slated for the next album. ‘Rump Roaster’ is still first priority though. I want a copy in the Walkman of every U.Va. student by the end of the semester.”

“Rump Roaster” is on sale at any U.Va. dining location for $9.99.

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