“Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz” is the worst Miley album to date

The album flops hard while Miley’s fake wild antics have set her at an all-time low


At this year’s MTV Video Music Awards ceremony, Miley Cyrus shocked viewers around the world when she concluded her hosting stint by announcing her fifth studio album. Not only was Cyrus’ release of the album a surprise — something becoming all-too-common with pop music artists — but she also released it for free on her website.

Her album is titled, “Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz,” and it is just as strange as expected. It is probably more accurate to refer to it not as an album, but rather a mixtape-album crossover. The album boasts a total of 23 tracks, including collaborations with artists like Big Sean and Ariel Pink. This all sounds promising, but in reality it is nothing short of painful.

Has Miley hit rock bottom with “ Dead Petz”? From the messy opener “Dooo It!” — which is just obnoxious as it sounds — it appears that way. At the first listen, Miley makes a questionable attempt to open up her mind to listeners.

But overall, Cyrus’ album is a clunky mess. It’s the experimental pop album nobody wanted from her. Miley had already built a strong fan base with her crossovers into pop, country and rock, including classics like “The Climb,” “Can’t Be Tamed,” “Party in the U.S.A.” and “We Can’t Stop.” With so many hits, it’s unclear why Cyrus is making such a radical departure from her original sound.

There a few moments that almost work, like “Space Boots.” It has promising production, but is bogged down by tired lyrics about a failed relationship, which leads Miley to — suprise, suprise — do drugs! Wow, so original! The album is laden with excessive references to drugs and sex. The tragic part, though, is none of it has any meaning. It’s all a desperate publicity stunt.

Miley fails in trying to shove her fanbase deeper into a fantasy world filled with glitter, drag queens and drugs. Cyrus wants us to believe that she is a wild, unpredictable, party-girl who is free and open with her body, and that this is a natural part of her maturation into adulthood. Sound familiar, Kesha?

However, many fans see through her act and don’t at all believe Miley loves marijuana as much as she shouts about it. Her fans would prefer good pop music — not drug-infused shenanigans.

Don’t download this album or even listen to it. The titles are deceiving, and none of these tracks are the “Bangerz” we’ve come to expect from Cyrus. Her fans should spend their time doing something more productive, like waiting for Rihanna’s next album. Good try Miley, but you haven’t fooled anyone.

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