The best workout songs for the motivationally challenged

These pump-up songs are the cure to laziness


I’ll be the first to admit that I am not an avid gym-goer. I prefer to exercise my mind over my body. Sprinting from Clark to the dumpling truck leaves me out of breath. The last time I visited the AFC was to buy a smoothie and contemplate my life choices. If you identify with these symptoms, you may also be motivationally challenged. A carefully selected playlist of pump-up songs is the best way to overcome this affliction.

Despite my lack of healthy habits, I guarantee these tunes will increase your heart rate and decrease your whole-bag-of-Flamin’-Hot-Cheetos guilt. Whether you dance alone in your dorm room or drag yourself to the gym, let this soundtrack inspire you to get on your feet.

In no particular order, here are the top songs to workout (or imagine working out) to:

1. Kanye West: “Stronger”

Iconic. Inspirational. Sensational. Let this be your warm-up song — even if you’re just warming up frozen taquitos in the microwave. West’s message of perseverance is the only motivation you need to get up and get active.

2. Fergie: “Fergalicious”

The ultimate middle school power anthem. If you don’t sing along to the hook, who are you? As Fergie says, get “up in the gym” and work on your fitness. The infectious beat combined with my prepubescent flashbacks keep you going on your power walks to class.

3. Waka Flocka Flame: “Workin”

This song goes hard. Follow its example. While rap is not for everyone, Flocka’s tune will keep your heart racing as you exercise. The almost hypnotic backing track will distract you from the increasing desire to stop exercising.

4. Drake ft. Nicki Minaj: “Make Me Proud”

Who doesn’t want to make Aubrey Graham proud? In the process, you will also make yourself proud by staying active. The slower tempo give you a chance to lower your heart rate, while the inspirational lyrics encourage you keep going. Once Nicki’s verse kicks in, you’ll know you’ve made Drake proud with your endurance.

5. Daddy Yankee: “Limbo”

It’s tough to stay still while this song is playing. Zumba dance moves are highly recommended. Spanish fluency is not required to dance to this tune, just your enthusiasm and positivity.

6. Salt-N-Pepa: “Push It”

Breathe in the enticing smell of Aqua Net hairspray circa 1986 as you take another lap around the track. Allow Salt-N-Pepa’s undeniable attitude and style energize and inspire you.

7. Santigold: “Creator”

A funky tune to keep your spirits up. Santigold’s unique sound keeps you attentive and once again, distracts from any desire to stop exercising.

8. Kid Cudi ft. Vampire Weekend: “cudderisback”

Cool down to the clean, catchy beats of Kid Cudi and his sample of Vampire Weekend’s “Ottoman.” Let Kid Cudi and Vampire Weekend help you stretch it out after a successful workout. You deserve it.

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