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More construction for Clemons

Library will be undergoing more construction in coming months while roof is being replaced

<p>This is the intended design plan for the Total Advising Center on the second floor of Clemons Library.</p>

This is the intended design plan for the Total Advising Center on the second floor of Clemons Library.

Clemons Library will be going undergoing more construction in the coming months while the roof is being replaced. The library has already been under construction since January, when work on a “total advising” center began.

Due to a roof leak on the fourth floor, plans for installing an eco-friendly roof were announced in February. The University has also invested in installing a “a photovoltaic array to offset some of the electricity consumed by the building’s daily operations,” as part of an on-Grounds sustainability project.

The photovoltaic array is a collection of solar panels that converts solar energy into direct current energy, which will be used to partly provide energy to Clemons.

The renovations taking place on the second floor aim to bring more advising resources to the library.

This advising center, which was announced as part of the University’s “Cornerstone Plan,” is the product of years of survey data and several student forums, which helped solidify plans for the new facility.

The center will feature a variety of tools, including faculty office hours, one-on-one career counseling, internship search assistance and help with finding an appropriate study abroad program.

Dean of Libraries John Unsworth said the project’s completion date is set for late January, which is later than originally planned.

“It was originally scheduled to be ready for occupancy around Christmas time, but then they delayed the project to get more student input,” Unsworth said.

The advising center project is currently in its demolition phase, which Unsworth said is the nosiest part of renovating the second floor.

Noisy construction will be limited to certain hours during the week. Roof construction will occur between 5-8 a.m. Monday through Friday. Construction on the advising center will occur between 7 a.m. and noon, Monday through Friday. 

He also said students who want to study on the second floor will be able to continue using the space after the advising center closes, at which point it will be available for study.

“There will be some group study space, multi-purpose rooms and more floor space because they moved stacks off the floor,” Unsworth said. “Part of the plan is putting more compact shelving on the first floor, so that we end up with just as many books in the building but they’re distributed differently.”

Unsworth said the renovation of the roof has a shorter timeline and is set to be finished by the end of the semester.