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Cavalier Daily elects 128th staff

Third-year College student Mike Reingold to serve as editor-in-chief

<p>From l-r: Grant Parker, Carlos Lopez, Mike Reingold, Tim Dodson and Danielle Dacanay&nbsp;</p>

From l-r: Grant Parker, Carlos Lopez, Mike Reingold, Tim Dodson and Danielle Dacanay 

The Cavalier Daily held its elections for the 128th term Dec. 3 with uncontested Managing Board elections.

Third-year College student Mike Reingold was elected editor-in-chief. He previously served as one of two assistant managing editors and was a senior copy associate before that.

Reingold said he wants the paper to become “digital-first” and intends to focus on bringing digital content to the forefront of the paper, as well as making the print version more accessible to the University community.

In order to better represent the University community, Reingold said he wants recruitment to focus on creating a more diverse staff.

“I want The Cavalier Daily to be the place where students go for their local and University news, and I think that we have the potential to be even stronger than we are now in doing that,” Reingold said.

Second-year College student Tim Dodson was elected managing editor. Before being elected managing editor, Dodson served as one of two news editors.

The managing editor’s responsibilities consist of overseeing the literary sections of the paper as well as the social media, graphics and video sections.

“One thing that I want to work on during my term as managing editor is cross-section collaboration and trying to pair up different sections and writers with different interests to pursue some really interesting features and pieces,” Dodson said.

The role of executive editor will be filled by second-year College student Carlos Lopez. Lopez sat as a selected member of the Editorial Board in the 127th term, alongside authoring a weekly Opinion column.

In overseeing subjective content — the Opinion and Humor sections — Lopez said he wants to focus on face time between writers and editors.

For the Opinion section, “We’re looking into ways of resuscitating the section,” Lopez said. “We’re looking forward to getting new people, creating new stuff and making sure we’re producing good content throughout the section.”

The executive editor also chairs the Editorial Board, members of which write and edit the paper’s lead editorials three times a week.

“We’re looking to provide consistent, factually based opinions that represent — hopefully — the views of the entire paper and the student body as a whole,” Lopez said.

Third-year College student Grant Parker will serve as the chief financial officer. Parker served as one of two business and marketing managers in the 127th term.

Parker said he is looking forward to expanding The Cavalier Daily’s digital presence.

“I’d like to work on expanding our digital advertising,” Parker said. “It’s more of a continuation from the previous term and really building on it.”

The role of operations manager will be filled by third-year College student Danielle Dacanay. Dacanay previously served as one of three production editors.

“What I’m most looking forward to is trying to find ways for the section to collaborate with each other,” Dacanay said.

Dacanay said she plans on continuing the work of the previous operations manager, but adapting the job to be more efficient.

Elections for literary positions on the Junior Board saw many highly contested elections, though some still went uncontested.

Second-year College student Ben Tobin and third-year Curry student Lillian Gaertner will serve as the next assistant managing editors.

Third-year College students Anna Higgins and Hailey Ross will serve as News editors in the upcoming term. Previously a News editor, third-year College student Hannah Hall will now serve as Focus editor.

Second-year College student Julie Bond and first-year College student Gracie Kreth will serve as the next Life editors. Third-year College student Jessica Chandrasekhar and second-year College student Kate Lewis will serve as the new Health and Science editors — the first leadership transition the section has seen in three years. Third-year College student Grant Gossage and third-year Batten student Mariel Messier will serve as the new Sports editors.

Second-year College student Ben Hitchcock and first-year College student Dan Goff will take on the roles of Arts and Entertainment editors. Third-year College student Lucas Halse and first-year College student Amber Liu will serve as Graphics editors along with third-year Engineering student Sean Cassar, who will oversee online graphics.

Third-year College student Rebecca Malaret and second-year College student Sinta Taylor will serve as the next Video editors. Third-year College student Shaelea Carroll and first-year College student Ashley Botkin will be the managers for the Social Media section.

Third-year College student Lucy Siegel and first-year College student Brendan Novak will serve as Opinion editors. Third-year College student Brennan Lee will serve as the next Humor editor.

The Operations Staff saw both contested and uncontested elections.

Cassar will reassume his role as Production editor, along with newly elected second-year College student Victoria Giron and first-year College student Disha Jain.

Third-year Engineering student Richard Dizon and third-year College student Hannah Mussi will serve as the next Photo editors. Second-year Engineering student Leo Dominguez will continue his role as Engineering Manager.

The Business editor was elected uncontested. Second-year College student Nate Bolon was elected to serve as Business manager; he will join Lopez as a Marketing manager.

The term will officially transition Jan. 20, 2017.

This article has been updated to include the election of the 128th Sports editors.

Correction: This article previously misstated Ben Hitchcock's year.