Lighting of the Lawn to center around theme of ‘Be the Light’

Theme meant to promote ‘unity, compassion and kindness’


Lighting on the Lawn will be structured around the chosen theme of “Be the Light.” 

Richard Dizon | Cavalier Daily

This year the annual Lighting of the Lawn will take place Thursday Nov. 30, and organizers are announcing a few slight changes to the holiday tradition. The event will be structured around the chosen theme of “Be the Light.”

The executive co-chairs responsible for organizing the event, fourth-year College student Denny Smythe and fourth-year Commerce student Holly Stevens, jointly commented on the changes in an email to The Cavalier Daily. However, they didn’t want to reveal too much and said there would be “top secret twists.”

“Students can expect the same wonderful, joyful evening that we strive to create each year with new fun twists,” Smythe and Stevens said. “Without giving too much away, we are changing the staging and lighting structure slightly, but all for the better!”

The two organizers also noted they are trying to create a more inclusive event that will be accessible to all members of the University community.

“We are thrilled to showcase our receptions and open spaces in a more cohesive way, hoping to include all members of our community and keep them informed in regards to the structure of the evening,” the pair said. “The third tier of the Lawn will also be a space for different University groups to table and be a part of the night.”

In addition to technical changes, students can anticipate elements incorporating the theme of “Be the Light” throughout the night. Diane D’Costa , a fourth-year Batten student and Marketing and Innovation chair for LOTL, elaborated on the reasoning behind the theme. 

“We're hoping to create that same feeling of community and pride that we have in past years, but this year our theme is ‘Be The Light’ inspired to really remind students, faculty and community members that we are here for each other to bring support and positivity,” D’Costa said. 

D’Costa also noted the importance of promoting a strong sense of community with the event. 

“After how this year started and continued divisive dialogue, we feel like there is a unique need to come together as a community,” D’Costa said. “Though the event will still hold the same tone of positivity it has always had, the need for it is greater this year.”

“In following this theme of ‘Be The Light’ we hope that we can reaffirm what this community means and how we are here for each other,” she added. 

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