Cavalier Daily elects editors for 129th term

Third-year College student Tim Dodson elected editor-in-chief


From left to right: Ben Tobin was elected to managing editor, Avishek Pandey to operations manager, Tim Dodson to editor-in-chief, Nate Bolon to chief financial officer and Jake Lichtenstein to executive editor.

Richard Dizon | Cavalier Daily

The Cavalier Daily held its elections for the 129th term Saturday, with uncontested managing board elections for editor-in-chief, managing editor and chief financial officer. 

Third-year College student Tim Dodson was elected editor-in-chief. He previously served as the paper’s managing editor and was a news editor before that. 

Dodson, a Charlottesville native, emphasized that the public service mission of journalism will guide his term. 

“The public service component of journalism is really crucial to what we do in the way that we serve the University and Charlottesville community, and I want to see that reflected not just in our literary content, but in all aspects of the paper, including the subjective side as well as our operations and our platforms,” Dodson said. 

Dodson also said he hopes to focus on engaging with readers through e-newsletters, increasing the paper’s presence on Snapchat and other social media platforms such as Facebook Live and encouraging a greater focus on using The Cavalier Daily’s existing platforms in innovative ways. 

Third-year College student Ben Tobin was elected managing editor. Prior to being elected to the new role, Tobin served as one of two assistant managing editors. As managing editor, Tobin will oversee all objective literary sections of the paper. 

Third-year College student Nate Bolon was elected to serve as the chief financial officer. Bolon previously served as the advertising manager. 

Third-year College student Avishek Pandey won the role of operations manager in a contested election. Pandey served as a video editor for the past term.

Third-year College student Jake Lichtenstein will serve as the next executive editor, and also won the role in a contested election. Lichtenstein is currently an opinion columnist and is a former member of The Cavalier Daily’s Editorial Board, which he will now oversee. 

Mike Reingold, the paper’s outgoing editor-in-chief and a fourth-year College student, said the 128th Managing Board focused on improving The Cavalier Daily’s exterior, internal processes, financial stability and reputation, and he hopes the 129th term will build on this progress. 

“The next managing board can continue to improve upon those internal processes and build upon a lot of the external looks and content that we’ve improved upon,” Reingold said. “Additionally, financially, we’ve made steps to ensure financial continuity, financial stability and increase our reputation with advertisers, and the next managing board has the opportunity to continue that strong progress and keep moving The Cavalier Daily forward financially and editorially.”

The Cavalier Daily amended its Board of Directors structure this year to include alumni members and the former editor-in-chief. 

Several literary elections went uncontested, though a few were highly contested. 

Second-year College student Gracie Kreth and third-year College and Curry student Alexis Gravely were elected to serve as the paper’s assistant managing editors. 

Second-year College students Kate Bellows and Maggie Servais will serve as News editors in the upcoming term. 

Third-year Commerce student Alec Dougherty and third-year College and Batten student Jake Blank will serve as the new Sports editors.

Third-year Commerce student Julie Bond was re-elected to her role as Life editor, and will serve in this position along with first-year College student Natalie Seo as her co-editor.

Second-year College student Dan Goff will continue his role as Arts and Entertainment editor, along with third-year College student Thomas Roades. 

Second-year College student Abby Clukey will serve as Focus editor.

Second-year College student Tina Chai and third-year College student Ruhee Shah will serve as the new Health and Science editors.

Second-year College student Yuqi Cheng and second-year College student Burgard Lu will serve as Translation editors. 

Second-year College student Brendan Novak was re-elected as Opinion editor and second-year College student Jacob Asch will be the section’s co-editor. 

Second-year College student Veronica Sirotic will serve as the next Humor editor. 

Third-year College student Mira du Plessis will serve as the next Cartoon editor. 

Third-year Architecture student Mark Felice, second-year College student Sonia Gupta and second-year Architecture student Zach Beim will serve as Production editors. 

First-year College student Matt Gillam and first-year College Aisha Singh will serve as print Graphics editors. 

Second-year College student Sarah Lindamood and second-year College student Christina Anton will serve as the next Photo editors. 

Second-year College student Aidan McWeeny will serve as the next Video editor. 

Second-year College student Ashley Botkin will continue her role as Social Media manager along with second-year College student Libby Scully. 

Third-year College Katie Vinson will serve as the next Engineering manager. 

First-year College student Avantika Mehra will serve as the next Advertising manager.

The new term will officially start Jan. 19.

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