Football suites available for fourth-years to study during Finals Week

Program hopes to combat overcrowding in libraries, provide support for students


Fourth-year students will have the opportunity to study in the box suites at Scott Stadium. 

Richard Dizon | Cavalier Daily

Overcrowding in the University libraries is a common problem during finals week each semester. This semester, for the first time, the football box suites in Scott Stadium will be open to fourth-year students for study hours from Dec. 4 to Dec. 6. 

The event was jointly organized by the Fourth Year Trustees and the University Career Center, and free parking, food and counseling will be available during those hours for students who attend. 

Carrie Rudder, the director of Career Counseling, Advising and Communities at the Career Center, said in an interview that the event was planned by the Fourth Year Trustees, who requested the Career Center’s participation in order to be available to and provide support for students. 

“It’s not about the use of the space as much as it is about being available for fourth-years who are either graduating in December or May who have career-related questions, who need some support, and given that it’s coming up on the end of the semester, the class wanted to do something on behalf of their peers that was career-related,” Rudder said. 

Rudder added that the program was not designed to exclude anyone in other years from seeking career counseling during those days.

“One thing I just want to make sure of is that the rest of the student body knows that we’re not excluding anyone,” Rudder said. “We would be happy to partner with and work with any student who had career related needs.”

Chandler Dalton, a fourth-year Engineering student who is involved in organizing this initiative, said the event was intended to give fourth-year students a break from the library as well as the opportunity to conveniently meet with career center advisors. 

“I’d say the overall goal is twofold — to have an area for people to go to, because the libraries are just completely packed during finals and also just to give people who don’t necessarily know what they’re going to do an opportunity to meet with people from the career center one-on-one,” Dalton said. “People don’t have time or effort to really ask the questions they want one-on-one so we wanted an open way for students to do that.”

Fourth-year College student Allison Belkowitz said she hopes having a study area specifically for people in her year will help combat the overcrowding libraries.

“I do think it’s cool that they’re offering this to fourth-years because libraries get so crowded, and to have a space that’s designated for my year is a good idea,” Belkowitz said. “Whether or not that also gets overcrowded is to be determined, but I hope it works out. I know a lot of people who are planning on going.”

Victoria Bourgeois-Osborne, a fourth-year College student, also expressed her approval for the opportunity to study in the suites. 

“... It gives students who have never had a chance to see the football suites a chance to see them before graduating,” Bourgeois-Osborne said. “The free parking, free food and career counseling available is also super nice because it helps alleviate a lot of stress around finals.”

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