Top 10 ways to get in the holiday spirit

“The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear”


Paige Waterhouse is a Top 10 writer for The Cavalier Daily.

Emma Klein | Cavalier Daily

1. Jam Out

Nothing puts me in the holiday mood better than blasting the iconic hit, “All I Want for Christmas is You,and struggling to match Mariah Carey’s incredible vocal range. If you claim that you have never sung along to this Christmas anthem, then you are lying. Beyond this classic bop, there are countless other carols playing on almost every radio station to sing along to. Now that Thanksgiving has passed, let the jingle bells ring!

2. Bake

Cooking up some sweet confections is a guaranteed way to get everyone in the holiday spirit. Whether it’s cookies, cupcakes or even fruit cake, no one can resist the taste of freshly baked sweets. Even if you’re not willing to share, your roommates can enjoy the free smells that waft throughout your apartment or community dorm kitchen. Turn on “The Great British Bake Off” and make sure to have a fire extinguisher on hand. 

3. Wear tacky clothes

Christmas is the only time of year you can get prizes instead of weird looks for wearing ugly sweaters, so take advantage of it. Whether it has lights, sequins, jingle bells — or maybe all three — dig out that dusty cardigan and wear it with pride. Pair your sweater with some festive socks and a Santa hat to really complete the look and spread some holiday cheer.

4. Give back

One of the most exciting parts about the holidays is picking out special gifts to give to your family and friends. But what about those who don’t have anyone to share the season with? Some simple ways to give to those in need include picking up some extra groceries for the food bank, donating your old winter clothes or participating in a toy drive. Any little act of kindness can help make someone’s holiday a little brighter!

5. Find some mistletoe

Here’s a test — start belting out “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” and if no one else joins in to 

complete the duet, you need to find some mistletoe. The holiday season is not only the season of giving but also the season of couples. “Spending time with loved ones” evidently means finding yourself a significant other. So, if this past Thanksgiving your aunt once again pestered you with typical question “Are you seeing anyone?,” start looking up!

6. Hang with friends

The holidays are a great excuse to gather all of your favorite people in one room and throw a party. Play games, bake cookies and celebrate the best time of the year with the best people on Grounds. Just don’t go drinking too much eggnog, or you may find yourself with hoofprints on your forehead and sleigh-marks on your back. 

7. Feast

One of my favorite part about the holidays is that the food never stops coming! Don’t get me wrong, Thanksgiving was delicious, but now I’m ready for gingerbread, candy canes and eggnog. If you’re nervous about putting on a few extra pounds, don’t worry. With winter approaching, your body will thank you for the extra warmth as you trudge to class.

8. Watch movies

Movies are a great way to de-stress during the last week of classes. Whether you’re just taking a 30-minute study break to watch “A Charlie Brown Christmas” or you’re up for a classic double feature like “Elf” and “Polar Express,” please invite me — I’ll bring cocoa! Also, don’t forget to tune in to a few of those Hallmark holiday specials. They may be cheesy — and let’s face it, a bit repetitive — but sometimes you just need a heartwarming, happy ending.

9. Let it snow

With only one more week of classes left, our chances of getting a snow day off are dwindling. Fortunately, there are many foolproof ways to ensure that we experience a snowfall before heading home for the holidays. You know the drill —  wear your pajamas inside out, flush some ice cubes down the toilet, sleep with a spoon under your pillow and bust out your best snow dance. Let’s bring on the flurries.

10. Make a list, check it twice

There is one obstacle standing in the way of the freedom of winter break — finals. This one may put a damper on your holiday cheer, but it will for sure make the upcoming weeks of misery a lot easier. I find that making a giant checklist of all the studying I have to accomplish is a great way to stay motivated and keep track of all my work. When feeling overwhelmed with the daunting amount of homework you still have left to do, just be thankful you don’t have the entire planet counting on you to bring them gifts. If Santa can pull off Christmas Eve, you can finish that term paper.

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