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Emma Klein

This summer has been way more interesting than some boring internship in some boring office!

Trying new things

Humor columnist Emma Klein gives you the motivation you need to make this a summer to never forget.

I’m guessing I’ll see you when I wake up Bag Of Stuff, I’m guessing I’ll see you every time I wake up.

Dear Bag Of Stuff

I don’t have time to organize your contents! I have absolutely nothing to do and I planned on it being that way! 

The president’s anger was partially tinged with embarrassment, and hints of a red blush could be seen through his orange-tinted bronzer.

You're fired

Humor Columnist Emma Klein describes a White House in turmoil after Trump accidentally fires himself.

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Even if students do experience any symptoms during a COVID-19 infection, after the first 10 days, they are no longer at risk of transmitting the virus.
Up-to-date information about the University’s vaccination program can be found at
General education requirements push students to take classes outside of their normal areas of academic interest.
Approximately 27 percent of classes will offer an in-person component, the same percentage as the fall.
One of Billy Kemp IV's goals going into the 2020 season was to be the most consistent and reliable player on the offense, and during the 2020 season, he did just that, leading the Cavaliers in both receptions and receiving yards at 67 and 644, respectively, and averaging 9.6 yards per catch, a career best.

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