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Emma Klein

This summer has been way more interesting than some boring internship in some boring office!

Trying new things

Humor columnist Emma Klein gives you the motivation you need to make this a summer to never forget.

I’m guessing I’ll see you when I wake up Bag Of Stuff, I’m guessing I’ll see you every time I wake up.

Dear Bag Of Stuff

I don’t have time to organize your contents! I have absolutely nothing to do and I planned on it being that way! 

The president’s anger was partially tinged with embarrassment, and hints of a red blush could be seen through his orange-tinted bronzer.

You're fired

Humor Columnist Emma Klein describes a White House in turmoil after Trump accidentally fires himself.

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Los estudiantes tendrán la opción de tomar clases de forma remota, si eligen quedarse en casa en lugar de regresar a Grounds.
Students will have the option to take classes remotely, if they choose to remain home instead of returning to Grounds.
The University’s final framework for the next academic year will be announced by mid-June
As the policy currently stands, students who have already begun their first semester in the College cannot use transfer credit to fulfill their general education requirements.
Bryce Perkins (top left), Jocelyn Willoughby (top right), Braxton Key (bottom left) and Meghan McCool (bottom right) have left a lasting mark on the University.
Bryce Perkins (top left), Braxton Key (top right), Jocelyn Willoughby (bottom left) and Meghan McCool (bottom right) have left a lasting mark on the University.
Desde mediados de marzo, cienes de camas de hospital no han sido usadas, cirugías han bajado un  70 por ciento y citas en las clínicas han reducido un 90 por ciento.
El comité luego desarrollará una recomendación para una fecha segura para comenzar los cursos en persona, y, cuando llegue aquella fecha, cuáles restricciones serán necesarios, como requisitos para el distanciamiento social.

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