What your coffee shop says about you

The baristas aren’t judging, but I am


Oh, you like Grit? You probably scoff at people who get their daily dose of caffeine at chains, and you’re most likely taking your latte with oat milk, too.  

Madison McNamee | Cavalier Daily

It is no secret that coffee is a college essential, but what is a little more hidden are the underlying personality traits of your coffee shop of choice. A cup of coffee is not as simple as it sounds, as your cup of joe can differentiate you from being an “average joe” to someone more complex. Where you choose to splurge on a latte or cappuccino instead of your mediocre Keurig coffee says more about you than you may think.

Einstein Bros.

You need to use your meal swipes, and you’re craving a bagel, so you stroll over to the Einstein Bros. in the bookstore. You’re all about convenience and are not picky, so you tend to go towards the easiest option in order to avoid stress. Einstein’s coffee isn’t bad, but it’s not great either. However, the accompaniment of a bagel with your meal exchange makes the order all the more appealing and may even distract you from the mediocre brew. 

Greenberry’s in the libraries

If you don’t have swipes to kill but still don’t want to spend “real money,” then Greenberry’s is your spot. With locations in both Alderman and Clark libraries, it sounds ideal for late night cramming or early morning working when you need an extra boost of caffeine. The only issue is the coffee quality itself is not exactly ideal. If you’re a Greenberry’s fan, chances are you don’t mind being a settler. This is not exactly a bad thing, though, as you know how to balance what’s important — like your grades, and what losses to take, like the taste of burnt coffee.


Oh, so you think you’re fancy venturing off Grounds for your brew? You scoff at people who get their daily dose of caffeine at chains, and you’re most likely taking your latte with oat milk, too. You also probably tell yourself you’re going to get more work done outside of your apartment, and that you “can’t focus in libraries,” so you relocate to a coffee shop, where you’re just going to slump in the cozy chairs and procrastinate further. Grit’s coffee is better than chain stores, but stop pretending you’re superior to others because of your self identification as a coffee snob.

Shenandoah Joe

Whether it be the popular location on the Corner or either of the more remote ones on Preston or Ivy, if you buy your coffee at Shenandoah Joe, chances are you’re all about loyalty. You value quality over quantity in friendships and know excellency when you see it, or drink it. 

You might be willing to drive to your favorite coffee shop if the Corner is too popular, because you know when something is worth it. You also probably don’t give in to hyped-up trends and refuse to call yourself a hipster even though your style just might resemble it. Shenandoah Joe’s coffee is a hidden gem from many college students, but you’re willing to stand by it.


Some may consider it a classic, others might call it boring. If your go-to spot is Starbucks, then chances are you enjoy what’s comfortable in life and have difficulty branching out. Your favorite sushi is probably a California roll, isn’t it? You stick to what you know because it seems acceptable at the moment, but trust me, there is so much more out there. While its coffee is not horrible, it’s nothing exciting either. Sure, we all get those cravings for a Caramel Macchiato or maybe even a Frappuccino or Pumpkin Spice Latte, but that’s because they allow us to reminisce on middle school days when we couldn’t tolerate actual coffee. Comfort is nice, but it’s time to move on and take some risks.

Maddie McNamee is a Food Columnist for The Cavalier Daily. She can be reached at life@cavalierdaily.com

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