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Madison McNamee

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As a self-identified foodie with an acquired taste, I can say avocado toast should not be basic because it just might save your year.
Los burritos no solo son baratos, sino que también son enormes y deliciosos. Estaba absolutamente lleno cuando terminé el mío, pero cada bocado valió la pena.
Not only are the burritos cheap, but they are also huge and beyond tasty. I was absolutely stuffed as I finished mine, but every bite was worth it.
The texture of the cake batter ice cream was just as soft and creamy as I remembered and had me contemplating if I should order more and have ice cream for dinner.
Once Italy was raised to a Level 4 by the CDC — meaning do not travel at all to the country — I realized my fantasy was nothing more than a pipe dream.
The prosciutto pizza at Lampo is topped with prosciutto, arugula, grana padano cheese and lemon.  
 With this pasta recipe, I can feast and not feel guilty because of the plentiful nutrients. 
Bluegrass Grill & Bakery has red velvet pancakes topped with cherry cream cheese and chocolate syrup for their February specials — perfect for your Galentine's Day. 
Oh, you like Grit? You probably scoff at people who get their daily dose of caffeine at chains, and you’re most likely taking your latte with oat milk, too.  
Once roasted and the insides shredded, a spaghetti squash can be used as a delicious substitute for spaghetti pasta noodles. 

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