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Last-minute restaurants to take your family to on graduation weekend

Easy solutions for procrastination that transfers from homework to reservations

<p>&nbsp;Ending graduation with delicious options of bagels, tacos and pizza.&nbsp;</p>

 Ending graduation with delicious options of bagels, tacos and pizza. 

You made it through four years at the University, and you have most definitely procrastinated on a few projects or papers along the way. You have also probably faced the consequences of putting off such work. But sometimes the procrastination pays off, and you end up with a spontaneous, fulfilling product. You might have even realized the extra energy you would have spent if you had done the assignment earlier really would not have been worth it. 

While you are probably finished with the majority of your assignments now, there is still one big task left to procrastinate — planning for graduation weekend. Rumors fly around that people book graduation weekend restaurant reservations a year in advance. This might seem crazy, but if you have been anywhere near the U.Va. Parent Network Facebook page, you know this year was especially stressful and problematic because many people actually canceled their long-reserved tables when they thought graduation was going to be virtual again. When the announcement changed, families were forced to scramble to find new plans. 

The last thing fourth years need is any more stress, so I am here to help you find some top-notch Charlottesville grub for graduation weekend if you haven’t made any reservations yet. 

Bodo’s Bagels

If you don’t hit Bodo’s on your graduation weekend, you will probably get your diploma revoked. This is an absolute staple of Charlottesville and the University. Bodo’s has efficiently navigated feeding customers during the pandemic in the safest way possible. They are only doing drive-through orders at the Emmett Street and Preston Avenue locations, and there is no sit-down option on the Corner. This means there’s not even an opportunity for others to score reservations while you have been procrastinating. The Lawn may be too busy, so instead try taking your bagels to one of the gardens or somewhere further out like McIntire Park or along the Rivanna River. While the lines may be long, they will give you more time to reflect on your years at the University with your loved ones. With ample time waiting, you can share some — but probably not all — of your morning memories at Bodo’s after a night out. 

Brazos Tacos

Tacos are suitable for any time of day, and this is especially true at Brazos. Whether you need breakfast, lunch or dinner, Brazos will supply you with fuel for the weekend. Any of their tacos with mashed potatoes are a must-have. It may sound off-putting, but just trust me — and I am sure you have had weirder combinations of foods during your time at the University. I also recommend any of their breakfast tacos at truly any hour. Brazos does not take reservations, which makes it feasible for all of us procrastinators to secure the best tacos in Charlottesville. You can order your meal online and pick it up at the take-out window, then enjoy it at one of their numerous tables outside. Get an “I Love You So Much” taco filled with scrambled eggs, chorizo, mashed potatoes, roasted corn pico and queso fresco, while your emotional, nostalgic parents tell you those same five words.

Dr. Ho’s Humble Pie

While restaurant reservations are filling, so are hotels. Many families have resorted to booking Airbnbs away from the University in nearby areas like Ivy Road. I know my mother did just that, and this is my final, publicized push to get her to try Dr. Ho’s Humble Pie on graduation weekend — and you should try it too. Dr. Ho’s has an obscure variety of specialty pizzas, but they are all mouthwatering. They also are only doing take-out, so there is no need to rush to make a reservation. Located in the North Garden area, Dr. Ho’s is in close proximity to many wineries, so you can pick up your meal and grub with some wine outside at a vineyard. Or you can take it back to your Airbnb and eat in the privacy of your own place as you scarf down the immaculate pizza. You also have to get their house-made ranch because it is life-changing — and if your life was not changing enough with graduation, then this is for sure to do it for you.

Blue Mountain Brewery

It may be another place that does not take reservations, but Blue Mountain Brewery does allow dine-in, sit-down service — so grab a table early while you can. Located in Afton, this brewery is a bit further from the hustle and bustle of the University, but it is still constantly popping. The views are beautiful, and the brews are just as enticing. Many weekends they have live music outside, so it might trigger some nostalgia for your many nights at Coupe’s these past few years. Blue Mountain offers a sampler flight for $11 that includes 10 draft selections. They deliver it to you in an arc shape from light to dark brews, so it actually resembles a beer rainbow. Their food is also incredible, and you can’t miss any of their pizzas or smash burgers to pair with your drinks. Enjoy the hopefully warm weather during graduation weekend with their “Drink a Peach!” seasonal gose. The fruity, crisp drink is fitting for the joy of the weekend — cheers to graduating and finding plans for the family.

Dairy Market

If you have a family of picky eaters, then the Dairy Market is the place to cure any hunger-induced anger. With a variety of food stalls, everybody in your crew will have the chance to choose something they like, even if that means having Moo Thru ice cream for dinner. The Dairy Market just opened in the past year, so it presents just another reason to celebrate the year 2021. You can grab drinks from Starr Hill Brewery and pair them with the cuisine of your choosing. The Dairy Market also does not take reservations, and the numerous vendors allow for a high chance of finding at least one short line. The space has ample seating inside and outside, so you should be able to find a spot to dine with your friends and family on your special weekend. 

There is no need to settle for less than the best after successfully completing four years of a difficult and crammed workload. And you for sure do not want to be hangry when you finally get to walk the Lawn. There is never any need to be embarrassed about procrastinating in college, especially when there are still opportunities to succeed with your dining experiences this graduation weekend.


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