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Pico Wrap is a student-athlete favorite for burritos — and for good reason, too

This hidden gem on Ivy Road is one of the Bennetts’ favorite spots — enough said

<p>Not only are the burritos cheap, but they are also huge and beyond tasty. I was absolutely stuffed as I finished mine, but every bite was worth it.</p>

Not only are the burritos cheap, but they are also huge and beyond tasty. I was absolutely stuffed as I finished mine, but every bite was worth it.

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Most weekend mornings I wake up with Bodo’s Bagels on my mind. There is just nothing like bacon, egg and cheese on an everything bagel when the stress of class and excitement of the weekend has caught up to you — or at least, that’s what I used to think. Now there is a new front-runner for my heart and stomach, and it’s Pico Wrap.

Even though it opened in December 2018, I had never heard of this burrito spot until I read an article in which Tony Bennett’s wife cited it as one of her top dining spots in Charlottesville. Then, after we won the National Championship for men’s basketball, I read another story saying it is the exact spot where Tony Bennett met up with Ty Jerome after the 2018 first-round loss in the NCAA Tournament. I now firmly believe it is the power of Pico Wrap that gave the men’s basketball team the encouragement and fuel they needed to win it all the next year.


I trust any food review from the Bennetts, especially since Tony Bennett is actually from my mom’s hometown in Wisconsin, and we all happen to share the same favorite local soft serve spot — according to the people who serve the ice cream there, at least. I knew I just had to try Pico Wrap, but still, two years later, I had been unable to make the time, and this goal of mine was pushed to the back burner. That is, until last weekend. 

Part of the reason I had never been is because its location is not exactly near Central Grounds — it’s a 22-minute walk, tucked farther down Ivy Road past the Alderman Road intersection. From the intersection, it is easy to spot after you reach the Townside Shopping Center on your left, and the restaurant is wheelchair accessible since there are no steps to the store front. 

The only other people I had heard rave about Pico Wrap were my student-athlete friends. It clicked that their frequent visits were likely due to its convenient vicinity to JPJ. Pico Wrap is hard to miss if you are visiting JPJ on the regular, but for any other student it’s more of a hike. Weekday hours are 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., but on Saturdays it is only open from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., so make sure you get your brunch in while you can. 

While I was there, the setup felt COVID-19-safe, as the line was spaced out appropriately for distance, and everyone inside was wearing masks. There was indoor seating available, as well as a table outside too, but I chose to take my meal home. In my opinion, eating a burrito can be a messy experience best saved for the privacy of your own home, but I also still try to avoid eating inside when possible because of COVID-19. Pico Wrap made me feel safe with their guidelines and accessibility in ordering to-go. They offer delivery on GrubHub, so if you still do not feel like driving in the Ivy direction, then this would be a suitable solution.


One of my student-athlete friends would not stop boasting about Pico Wrap, so I finally decided to tag along with him this past weekend. I now must admit this might have to be a weekly tradition for myself now. They serve a variety of build-your-own wraps, bowls and salads — but you really have to go there for their breakfast burritos. 

They are served until 1 p.m., so even if it has been an extra rough morning, you can probably make it down Ivy Road for this cure to your ailment. After 1 p.m., they solely offer wraps with ingredients that would more commonly be in sandwiches, like cold cuts, cheese varieties and chicken salad, in addition to other salads, bowls and soups. I ordered the simple egg and cheese, while my friend ordered the chorizo option, which comes with scrambled eggs, potato and cheese. I was also tempted by the “Eli’s special,” which comes with scrambled eggs, spicy chicken, tortilla chips, cheese and sour cream. I decided to go simple with my base since it was my first time there, and I chose to load up on toppings instead.


The setup is similar to Chipotle, where you choose your base, then choose toppings down the line. The interior and overall vibe is fast-casual, so no worries if you want to show up in your pajamas or finest sweatpants — no one is judging here. I ended up adding potatoes, fajita veggies, pico de gallo, a tiny bit of sour cream, guacamole — for an additional cost of $1.25 that was ever so worth it — and a final flourish of Texas Pete hot sauce.


Most  of the toppings — save for a select few, such as guacamole — are at no extra charge, so it is feasible to craft a loaded, filling burrito at a relatively slim price. The burritos are only around $4 anyway, so splurging on guacamole is no big fright to your wallet here. The total for two burritos, both with guacamole, and two drinks was only about $15, which is a steal to me. Not only are the burritos cheap, but they are also huge and beyond tasty. I was absolutely stuffed as I finished mine, but every bite was worth it. I don’t think I can go back to a bagel or toast ever again when there are breakfast burritos as flavorful as Pico Wraps available.

Instead of whining for the Bodo’s on Preston every weekend, my roommates may now be forced to hear cries for Pico Wrap each morning. There’s no need to feel guilty about the amount of calories and grease in one of their breakfast burritos because it’s what the athletes eat. If they’re eating it, then it must be healthy, right? If you want to eat like a student-athlete, your first stop is Pico Wrap. If Tony Bennett loves it, then I guarantee you’ll love it too. 


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