Which Corner drunchy are you?


Humor columnist Elizabeth Ozer presents a quick quiz to help you find out what Corner drunk food you really are.

Archana Shekharan | Cavalier Daily

1. How many clubs are you in? 

A. My friends and I created our own. 

B. Well, I signed up for 30 at the activities fair so… 

C. At least five different clubs, so many things to do! 

D. Is the sweater vest club still a thing? 

E. None

2. How often do you go to class? 

A. Only if my friends are going. 

B. All of them, how else am I supposed to keep my 4.0 from high school? 

C. Eh, I pick and choose depending on my mood. 

D. Lol, I haven’t been to class in years. 

E. Pretty often, although I hate being around all those people. 

3. Where do you sit during a lecture? 

A. With all my friends 

B. In the front row 

C. I have like five different seats I rotate between. 

D. … 

E. Wherever I can find a seat with no one close

4. What’s your major? 

A. Art History 

B. Stop pressuring me to choose!

C. Which one do you want to know? 

D. Something to do with politics, can't really remember

E. Computer Science  

5. Which gym do you go to? 

A. I run in the morning with my friends. 

B. The AFC isn’t the only gym? 

C. I rotate between them. 

D. Planet Fitness 

E. North Grounds 

6. What’s your favorite dining hall? 

A. I have the Elevate meal plan. 

B. O-Hill 

C. Newcomb, so many different options in one building! 

D. I haven’t had a meal plan in years. 

E. Whichever is the least crowded

7. Where do you live? 

A. On Wertland

B. Old/new dorms

C. On 14th street 

D. By the Downtown Mall 

E. Bice 

8. How often do you attend U.Va. sports events?  

A. I’ll go if my friends are.

B. All of them — gotta get those Saber points! 

C. A fair amount

D. Very few — tickets are so expensive. 

E. Hardly ever, way too many people 

9.  Where do you go to study? 

A. 1515

B. Clem 1

C. Wherever I feel like going that day

D. The coffee shop by my house 

E. Alderman Stacks 

10. What’s your favorite U.Va. bus? 

A. Inner-loop

B. Northline

C. I take all of them.

D. Do the CAT buses count? 

E. I prefer to walk.

If you answered mostly A’s: Marco and Luca’s Dumplings 

You’re the life of the party and probably with a bunch of friends so you don’t have to wait in line alone for 15 minutes. Hey, the party comes to you, right? 

If you answered mostly B’s: Christian’s Pizza 

You’re most likely a first year still trying to figure out why Christian’s is so popular when the pizza is mediocre at best. 

If you answered mostly C’s: Sheetz app sampler 

You like a little variety in life. You’ve probably been to at least four different bars before finally ending your night with a greasy selection of all your fried favorites. 

If you answered mostly D’s: White Spot’s Gus Burger 

You’re that grad student that just can’t stay away — stuck in the golden days of the corner, back when Eddie’s and St. Maarten’s were still hopping. 

If you answered mostly E’s: Benny DeLuca’s Giant Slice 

You’re a loner and probably went to Michael's Bistro and had a pint by yourself. You just keep doing you, bro.  

Elizabeth Ozer is a Humor Columnist for The Cavalier Daily. She can be reached at humor@cavalierdaily.com.

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