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Brunch on the Corner: Between these six options, it’s hard to choose a place

There really is something for everyone

<p>The Pigeon Hole on the Corner serves brunch options like First Flight.&nbsp;</p>

The Pigeon Hole on the Corner serves brunch options like First Flight. 

When the weekend rolls around, University students like to sleep in and kick back. But when awoken at 11 a.m. by a growling stomach or a hungry friend, there is only one option — brunch.

The Corner is chock-full of great breakfast and brunch locations, so it can be difficult to decide where to go for that morning meal. Since each place has its own merit and its own unique things to offer, sometimes the only way to pick a place is to take a walk down the Corner and see what piques your interest.

Bodo’s Bagels is the first stop, located right at the beginning of the Corner. No one can ever surpass Bodo’s when it comes to circular boiled dough balls loaded with cream cheese. This spot is great for casual — and hungover — mornings when a formal sit-down breakfast is just a little too much, but sitting down in a booth with a bagel and a friend is just right.

Their ridiculously low prices — just $2.50 for a bagel and cream cheese — pair perfectly with next door neighbor Starbucks’ ridiculously inflated ones, which works out because most people prefer to pair Starbucks coffee with their Bodo’s meals. If you’re searching for a vitamin infusion instead of a caffeine high, however, Bodo’s orange juice is a delicious and slept-on choice.

Moving down the Corner, you can find The Pigeon Hole. They offer incredible sit down brunch at a reasonable price, and their classic pancakes, eggs and bacon-style menu always works for me — although personally, I tend to avoid their home fries. To read more about The Pigeon Hole brunch, check out this review.

If heavy food is not your jam, fruit-filled smoothies can be found at Corner Juice. With cute indoor seating and a little patio as well, Corner Juice is be a great place to meet friends for a mid-morning snack. For more information on Corner Juice, check out yet another review of it. 

If you’re not into the health scene, keep walking past Corner Juice, and you’ll hit Trinity Irish Pub. Costing around $10, their weekend brunch is open until 2 p.m. They offer brunch drinks, including an intriguing sounding “Brunch Punch,” which I have sadly not had the opportunity to sample.

About a block farther down, another smoothie bar offers chairs hung from the ceiling that you can sit and swing in while waiting for your brunch-time bowl. Juice Laundry even offers little juice shots to wake you up after a long night out. If you feel sick after losing one too many games of slap cup, their citrus fire shot will definitely relieve some of your congestion. A warning for the ladies — wear waterproof mascara if you try their citrus fire juice because it’s so spicy it will almost certainly make you cry.

The final stop on the Corner that merits inclusion in this brunch tour is Fig, located just past Boylan Heights. With hearty Southern-style brunch options and a warm interior environment, their brunch is potentially my personal favorite. With items costing around $12, this is my go-to choice when my family visits — and can pick up the tab. 

They offer something for everyone, ranging from the classic Big Fig, which is stocked with eggs, bacon and home fries, to the simple Mediterranean Omelet which is perfect for those of you trying to do brunch on a diet. They even offer Oreo Pancakes — yes, they put Oreos inside of pancakes — which is a perfect dish for a cheat day.

The Corner is not the only place to get brunch in Charlottesville, but it is the easiest for most University students. But having so many options in just a three-block stretch can make it difficult to choose a place to eat. With at least the six great spots mentioned above offering that delicious morning meal, why not do brunch every day of the week?