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Top 10 study spots for college stereotypes

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<p>Paige Waterhouse is a Top 10 writer for The Cavalier Daily.</p>

Paige Waterhouse is a Top 10 writer for The Cavalier Daily.

1. The nerd: Harry Potter Room

Still mad about never receiving your Hogwarts letter? Apparate yourself straight to the Gryffindor common room on the second floor of Alderman Library to the McGregor Room, which is fondly referred to by University students as the Harry Potter Room. Snuggle up in a comfy armchair, enjoy the peaceful silence of the quiet study space and appreciate the dim lighting. Now pull out your books and … take a nap.

2. The hipster: Grit on the Corner

Coffee snobs — this one’s for you. Grit have quality jitter juice, and it’s also a great spot to grind out your next essay. Head up to the second floor for sun-soaked armchairs, mismatched tables, public sketchbooks and lots of cute plants. Not only will you finally start tackling your assignments, but you’ll get plenty of artsy latte photos to update your feed.

3. The gamer: 1515

Can’t put down the controllers long enough to focus? Head to 1515 on the Corner to combine both work and play. Bust out the books on the second floor for a few hours, then head down to the game room in the basement. Skeeball, retro arcade games and Dance Dance Revolution are all at your disposal when you need a mental break(down).

4. The athlete: AFC lobby

If you’re struggling to balance school work and exercise, look no further than the AFC. The awkwardly placed tables in the lobby offer the perfect spot for study breaks in between reps. The grind truly never stops when you can study and sweat all under one roof.

5. The naturalist: the Pavillion Gardens

For all the eco-friendly enthusiasts, the Pavillion Gardens are the perfect place to stretch out and pore over your textbooks. Enjoy the last few days of unbearably hot Virginia weather as you sweat over the increasing amount of assignments you have due. Lay in the soft, green grass as you contemplate whether or not you truly need a degree or if you can get away with just building yourself a treehouse in the forest to live out the rest of your stress-free days.

6. The social butterfly: Clem

Unpopular opinion — Clem is the worst library. It’s loud, busy and the hub for the most feared style of homework — group projects. But, if you thrive while taking part in school-sponsored social interaction, then head to Clemons Library! Grab a table — if you can find one — and enjoy hanging out with your study buddies.

7. The snacker: Crossroads

Think the booths at Croads are just for late-night feasting? Think again. Crossroads serves as the optimal study spot for those who are prone to stress-eating while studying. With a store full of food just 20 feet away, you’ll never go hungry as you plow through your stack of assignments.

8. The headphone addict: the Music Library

To those who need the perfect playlist in order to walk to class — the music library is the study spot for you. With stacks full of books on musicals, artists, music theory and history, it’s a music lover’s heaven. Plenty of tables, good lighting and free mini-concerts when you pass by the practice rooms provide the perfect setting to tune out distractions and get down to work.

9. The historian: the Rotunda

If you’re a history buff, there’s no doubt that you have geeked out over the University’s complicated past at least a handful of times. If you’re looking to travel back in time, crack open your books inside one of the University’s most iconic structures. Take a seat in the Dome Room and prepare to feel as though you’re studying alongside Mr. Jefferson himself. 

10. The social media fanatic: the Lawn

If you didn’t post about your study outing, did you really even go out to study? If you’re looking for a photogenic place to prove your study status, look no further than the Lawn. Spread out your blanket, lay out your highlighters, catch the Tundy in the back of your Boomerang and boom — you’ve had a productive day.