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Food trucks, C3 renovation to take place at Lambeth Field Apartments

The introduction of food trucks and renovation to the convenience store intend to bring variety to the food options

The Lambeth Commons building will receive refurbished spaces for student use and an upgrade to the C3 convenience store.
The Lambeth Commons building will receive refurbished spaces for student use and an upgrade to the C3 convenience store.

The introduction of food trucks and a renovation to the C3 convenience store have been put in place to offer students living in the Lambeth Field Apartments an increased variety and convenience of food options. El Tako Nako began visiting Lambeth last Friday, from 4 to 7 p.m., with the potential for food trucks becoming a permanent weekly fixture in the on-Grounds residence area. 

Christine Mountain, digital marketing associate from the University’s Dining Services, said the decision to offer food trucks to Lambeth’s residents was made with the hope to “bring some additional variety and food options to the Lambeth community. A weekly food truck is not only delicious, it’s a lot of fun!” 

Matthew Smythe, District Manager for the University’s Aramark Dining Program, explained that an assessment of the program is being carried out for the next couple of weeks “before being able to commit long term one way or another.” Smythe concluded by saying, “hopefully it’s well enjoyed by the residents and we can continue to have them there.”

Additionally, the C3 convenience store, which is located in Lambeth Commons, will be an updated resource for residents. This will take place along with a broader update of the Lambeth Commons building. The official date of its completion has not yet been confirmed. 

In partnership with Housing and Residence Life, University Dining expressed the desire to include students and residents of the Lambeth community in the decision-making processes involving the C3 renovation. Mountain stated that they hope the “upgrades and new food options will activate this building.” 

The renovation will also entail a refreshing of the Lambeth Commons space to “increase participation and make it more user friendly for the students living in Lambeth,” Mountain said.  “Similar to other student spaces across Grounds, Lambeth Commons will become a true hub for student engagement.”

Gay Perez, assistant vice president of student affairs and executive director of Housing and Residence Life, provided information on the renovation to Lambeth Commons, saying that over the last academic year, Housing and Residence Life staff worked with residents, staff and their dining partners to reimagine the Commons space. 

The primary aspect of the renovation includes updating the upstairs area. Perez said that this includes “removing walls to really open up the space and installing new floors and paint,” as well as allowing residents to provide input on furnishings. 

“We are going to place existing soft seating and study furniture in the space and involve residents in deciding what furniture best fits the space,” Perez said.

Perez expressed a hope to open the refurbished space by Thanksgiving break. Perez added that the Housing and Residence Life team is also in the process of designing a dance rehearsal room in the building but are still waiting for a sprung floor, barres and mirrors to be added. Perez was “optimistic” that this would be finished by the end of the year. 

Perez said it was “truly exciting” to see Lambeth Commons become a “vibrant hub for student community and engagement.”

Alexis Gillie, a second-year College student living in Lambeth, is looking forward to the food truck and C3 initiatives, stating that, “there are not many options, outside of just cooking in your kitchen.” Newcomb — the nearest University dining hall — is located 0.6 miles from Lambeth, while the Barracks Road Shopping Center is 0.9 miles away.

In regards to the C3 renovation, Gillie added that the current state of the convenience store is limited.

“It could be a much better resource for students,” Gillie said, adding that the introduction of food trucks would also increase accessibility and convenience of food for Lambeth residents.

Nandita Sangwan, a second-year College student, shared similar sentiments. She conveyed her distaste towards the current dining situation at Lambeth, highlighting the apartments’ small-sized kitchens.

Sangwan expressed a desire to see a greater selection in the newly renovated C3 and welcomed the introduction of food trucks, “because it will give us more options for food.” 

On-Grounds housing options for upperclass students can range in rates from $6,480 to $7,850 per academic year, with Lambeth costing $7,000 for the 2019-20 academic year.