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Top 10 types of laptop stickers for self-expression

If you’re looking for a way to silently communicate your identity to your peers, use these stickers to accomplish that goal

<p>Kaitlyn Hilliard is a Top 10 Writer for The Cavalier Daily.</p>

Kaitlyn Hilliard is a Top 10 Writer for The Cavalier Daily.

1. The basics

What are “the basics,” you may ask. Well, this can be anything from your home state, name, monogram or major. Any sticker that could be a part of your syllabus week introduction would fall into this category, and despite their surface-level information, they are extremely valuable in the first stage of self-expression via laptop stickers. 

2. Political affiliations

Regardless of what your beliefs may be, putting political stickers on your computer can help you support causes you feel passionate about. It is likely that you use your laptop every day, so why not use it as a platform to communicate your stances on issues that are relevant to both yourself and your peers? As an added benefit, you may find that putting a “controversial” statement out in the open may spark an enlightening discussion or — at the very least — keep people with opposing stances away from you. 

3. Your favorite foods and drinks

The options never end with this category, and I think that we can all agree that a person’s favorite food or drink says a great deal about their character. Are you addicted to iced coffee? Does spaghetti bring you life? Is there a particular dish that represents your culture or holds importance in your family? We all know that food works to nourish both body and soul, but one of its little-known purposes is serving as self-expression in sticker form. Never forget that.

4. Dogs — and other pets, but mostly dogs

In addition to sharing your affection for cute, furry friends, stickers of puppies will also provide a bright moment for the people looking at your laptop while you work on your assignments. If you are feeling particularly fancy, I would recommend making custom stickers of your pets to showcase the animals that really bring joy to your life! Even if you don’t have any pets of your own, there are still plenty of adorable stickers of crazy otters, lizards and sharks — both real and cartoon — that would look great next to your favorite foods on the back of your laptop. 

5. Sports

Sports stickers come in all shapes and sizes. Whether your laptop is decorated with logos from your beloved professional teams or simply the equipment that is used in the game, these stickers are sure to express how athletic and knowledgeable you truly are. In addition to broadcasting your sporty side, stickers featuring pictures of your all-time favorite player or inspirational quotes from the coaches like Tony Bennett can express traits or pillars that are crucial when your peers are trying to pinpoint exactly what type of person you are. 

6. Clubs and organizations

This category of stickers works in two ways. One — you share the types of things that you are passionate about within the University and Charlottesville community. Two — you always subtly advertise and promote the clubs, organizations and causes that bring you purpose and joy. In doing this, you may pique somebody’s interest or find a new friend that is also involved in similar organizations. Whether your organizations are religious, service-based, cultural or academic groups, spread the word about what brings you life and where you have found your place on Grounds. 

7. Memes

Your personal taste in memes defines your sense of humor, which is arguably the most significant form of self-expression. There is a wide variety of memes in this world and an equally wide variety of laptop stickers that depict them, so there is no excuse for a computer without at least one hilarious internet craze. Let’s just hope you’re ready because if not, you may put yourself at risk within meme-culture. As my favorite laptop sticker says, you must “yeet or be yeeted.”

8. Travel

A great way for people to get to know you is to hear about adventures you have taken and places you have been. Stickers are generally a cheap souvenir that can be put on laptops, water bottles or cars. Whether the sticker is one of those classic ovals with city abbreviations, from your favorite cafe abroad or a reminder of the most outrageous vintage clothing store you ever came across, share it with everyone by slapping it on your computer. That way, your memories can travel with you whether you’re headed home or to a new place you’ve been dying to explore. 

9. Media

Media stickers can include anything from artists, bands, lyrics, favorite books, radio stations and television shows. This category of stickers could also give you a chance to rep your favorite newspapers and podcasts — perhaps The Cavalier Daily or On Record by The Cavalier Daily? A lyric, quote or album cover can grasp the very essence of your identity. And what better way to express yourself than with one of Michael Scott’s greatest pieces of advice or with the lyrical genius of Ariana Grande? 

10. No stickers?

Maybe you don’t have stickers because you lack personality. Maybe you don’t have stickers because you like mystery. Perhaps the fact that you lack a personality is a mystery. All of these are possible options, but it’s probable you just like a clean, professional laptop — that’s okay, too. However, you need to be ready to answer questions about who you are because without stickers people lack a window into your lifestyle — and soul.


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