University alerted of sexual assault in on-Grounds residence hall

The survivor indicated to University staff that multiple male respondents committed rape

Tim Longo, interim chief of University police and associate vice president, notified the community of the reported assault in a University-wide email Sunday evening. Christina Anton | Cavalier Daily

University staff received report of a sexual assault Sunday afternoon, according to a timely warning email issued to the University community by Tim Longo, interim chief of University police and associate vice president for safety and security. The reported incident occurred around 1:30 a.m. Saturday in an on-Grounds residence hall.

According to the alert, the survivor was assaulted by multiple men known to her. The survivor was able to identify several men who committed the offense, but the report indicates that several respondents who could not be identified or described could have also participated.

The University defines sexual assault as any intercourse with another person that occurs without affirmative consent. Affirmative consent is informed, voluntary and active, and it cannot be obtained through force or taking advantage of someone’s incapacitation.

Survivors of sexual assault have the option to report the incident by going directly to law enforcement and calling 911, filing through the University’s Just Report It website, contacting the University’s Title IX Coordinator or the Office of the Dean of Students, or by filing a police report at the hospital if seeking treatment through the U.Va. Emergency Department.

The University’s confidential resources include Counseling and Psychological Services, Student Health’s gynecology and general medicine departments, the Student Disability Access Center and the Women’s Center’s counseling staff.

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