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How to make the classiest breakfast sandwich in under 10 minutes

This meal is as cheap as it gets but could easily pass for a $12 brunch delicacy

<p>Eggs are the main protein source for this breakfast dish.</p>

Eggs are the main protein source for this breakfast dish.

I have been out to brunch and spent big bucks on a combination of avocado toast, scrambled eggs and cheese more times than I can count. However, seeing as I have less than $20 on hand at any given point in time, this has become an unsustainable habit for me.

But I also hate to cook. I am not a fan of slaving over a hot stove or wasting hours in the kitchen, so despite my ardent love for early meals, I generally don’t make anything fancier for breakfast than buttered toast or a bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats.

Thankfully, I discovered something that has given me hope. I stumbled upon my friend and next door neighbor, and she gave me her homemade recipe for the best budget-friendly breakfast ever. I truly have never had a better sandwich before noon.

Now those want a nice brunch but don’t have the time to make it yourselves — or the money to go out and buy it regularly — can have this amazing recipe. So, if you’re into breakfast sandwiches and you like feeling classy, read on.

Prep Time: 2 minutes

Cook Time: 5 minutes


2 slices of bread

It should be very nutty, preferably from Dave’s Killer Bread in the flavor Good Seed.


You can make it yourself, use your leftovers from Chipotle or dip into that big tub in your fridge that’s gonna go brown as soon as you take off the lid. You could also be lazy like me and buy individual-use mini tubs that make two sandwiches apiece — or if you’re big into guac, one sandwich apiece.

1 Egg

If you can’t find them where you shop for food you’re probably just not shopping in a grocery store and should call your mom for basic life advice.

Roasted garlic and herb seasoning

This is so worth it. Probably any type of garlic and herb seasoning is fine, but if you want the best kind, get the Weber brand.


I cut a Member’s Mark Jack Snack cheese round into three slices. I think Babybel Original would also be delicious, and real cheese or pre-sliced cheese would probably work too, but I like snacking cheese too much to buy pre-sliced.

Why all the hype over this sandwich, you ask? Because the only real step is cooking the egg, which takes less than 10 minutes. 

  1. All you need to do is put some butter in a pan on medium high heat, wait for it to melt and crack an egg into the pan. Take care to salt it and to add a healthy dose of the garlic and herb seasoning.
  2. Once the egg whites are nice and firm — a good test is shaking the pan to see if the whites jiggle, and if they do, keep cooking until it seems like the egg would survive a flip — turn them over with a spatula. If you like your eggs runny, take them off the heat after 30 seconds or so. If you like them firm, like me, leave them on for three or four minutes. 
  3. While the egg is cooking, drop your bread in the toaster. While this step is simple, keep in mind that you should never — seriously, not ever — stick forks inside while the bread is toasting to try and fish it out. That’s dangerous. 
  4. Once the bread is toasted, open up your guacamole. Spread a nice layer on one or both pieces of toast, depending on how much you prefer. Personally, I only put guacamole on one piece and thought the guac-to-bread ratio was perfect.
  5. Next, take out your cheese. If you’ve opted for a snacking cheese, as recommended, slice that bad boy into three thin pieces. This will help it melt against the heat of the egg. Pop your cheese on the bread — if you only added guac to one side, make sure you put the cheese directly on the spread.
  6. Your egg should be good and ready by this point, so slide it off the heat and onto the other slice of bread. Take a cute picture of your deconstructed sandwich and then put the two pieces together to complete your amazing breakfast.

Basically, this is a five step process. All you do is cook your egg, toast your bread, spread your avocado, slice your cheese and assemble your sandwich. Then you eat your sandwich, but remember — it’s important that you chew your food, even if it’s so good you want to swallow it whole.

The smooth guacamole pairs beautifully with the oat nut crunch of the bread and the garlic tang of the seasoning. The cheese gets nice and melty, and its sharper taste nicely blends with the savory flavor of the fried egg, which itself is surprisingly light, while still bringing a strong protein-based element to the dish.

It’s not messy because the avocado spread doesn’t run and acts like glue for the other elements in the sandwich. It’s customizable — you can add ham, remove cheese, make your egg scrambled or change up your seasonings. All in all, it’s an incredible move for a lazy morning when you don’t want to spend too long out of your warm sheets, but you want a high-status meal for your high-status self.