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Simulate an outdoor space with ambient music videos

If you’re missing the adrenaline rush of outdoor adventure and skies drenched with cotton-candy sunsets, lace up your hiking boots and get lost in these uplifting indie music videos

<p>Even without being able to attend performances, outdoor music videos help to stem the quarantine boredom.</p>

Even without being able to attend performances, outdoor music videos help to stem the quarantine boredom.

Feng Suave – Maybe Another Time

This wildly freeing music video is more than just monochrome dream houses and sporadically pouring milk into grassy cliffs by the seaside. De Jong’s throwback, dreamy vocal runs will leave you engrossed in this day of outdoor R&R, as if you were the one wading through fields of yellow daffodils and floating in the breaking waves below — oversized beige blazer included. “Maybe Another Time” is a lyrical representation of relishing in nature and enjoying the “swaying shades of acacias.” Those of you missing laid back days soaking in the sunset will feel immersed in this idealistic video with ease.

Triathalon – Courtside

Music-lovers strictly following the guidelines of the stay-at-home order might wholeheartedly agree with the simple, lyrical sentiment of “I miss my friends.” If your ideal summer day includes skateboarding and shooting hoops in a city park, you’ll feel right at home among the basic, lo-fi chords that romanticize a day of hanging out “Courtside.” Throw on your black Doc Martens and take this virtual subway ride into the heart of a bustling city, halfway satisfying your Bodo’s craving through lead singer’s mid-song lunch break. Further Triathalon listening during this trying time works in the shockingly appropriate track, “Distant.” “I just wanna ride my bike / Yeah / I’m so sick of always watching the news / I just wanna go outside.”

Goth Babe – Imaginationcy

Join lead singer Griff Washburn and his insanely cute pup, Sadie, in completing the Triple Crown — the ultimate 24-hour adventure of climbing, surfing and hiking. Feel free to soak in the glimmering Oregon skyline and the shiny, upbeat sounds of Goth Babe’s recently released track, “Imaginationcy.” The song perfectly frames both serious shots of breath-taking sunsets on the beach and Washburn carelessly rolling around in the snow with his dog. It is strikingly clear that Washburn’s active lifestyle and the effortless beauty of nature culminate in Goth Babe’s euphoric musical creations. This experience of living vicariously through adventurous artists is summed up with gathering around the fire for an acoustic rendition of “Imaginationcy.”

Dayglow – Listerine

Let yourself be entranced by the simplicity of the music video for the arguable Dayglow breakout track — “Listerine.” Running subtitles and lead singer Sloan Struble’s funky dance moves would enable even the most rhythmically challenged listener to groove along. The green landscape around the lonely road Struble follows is the perfect background for the movement-inducing, bubbly soundscape he produces. Anyone with a pension for long, evening drives with friends on the open road will undoubtedly find themselves surrendering to the video’s rosy atmosphere, as well as Struble’s fast-talking, indie style.

Mura Masa, Clairo – I Don’t Think I Can Do This Again

Top off your frustration-fueled listening with the angst-filled electric guitar in “I Don’t Think I Can Do This Again.” If you can’t get enough of car rides with the top down and aimless walks through fields full of flowers, take a trip with indie star Clairo through the quintessential day outdoors with your friends. The distortion of embraces in the forest represent the wild, electronic nature of the track, while swimmers vibing out in a crystal-clear lake illustrate the soft, enveloping effect of Clairo’s vocals. A smoky environment created by colorful, nighttime fireworks seems like the rightful end to the video’s full-circle outdoor experience. It is undoubtedly an optimistic look into our summery future for those staying inside during this time.


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