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Virginia Athletics found 33 positive COVID-19 tests among student-athletes last week

The athletic department, like the University as a whole, has experienced a drastic increase in COVID-19 cases over the past week

<p>The 33 positive cases registered from 1,871 tests mark a 1.8 percent positivity rate —&nbsp;a one percent deviation from the cumulative rate of 0.8 percent.&nbsp;</p>

The 33 positive cases registered from 1,871 tests mark a 1.8 percent positivity rate — a one percent deviation from the cumulative rate of 0.8 percent. 

Virginia Athletics reported 33 positive COVID-19 results Monday out of the 1,871 tests administered between Feb. 8 and Feb. 14, a large increase from the eight positive results from the week before. The positivity rate for tests conducted last week was 1.8 percent, but the overall positivity rate — which includes all tests administered since July 5 — is 0.8 percent. 

All individuals who tested positive for COVID-19 “will self-isolate for at least 10 days, or until symptoms are resolving plus 24-hour fever free,” the press release stated. Further, all athletes must clear a medical evaluation before they can return to play with their team.

Positive COVID-19 tests were reported to the Blue Ridge Health District.

The University abides by ACC testing protocols which dictate that athletes participating in “high risk” sports such as men’s basketball and wrestling are tested triweekly. All athletes participating in “low risk” sports which include track and field, swimming, diving, golf and tennis are tested weekly. Further, field hockey along with men’s and women’s soccer will soon return to competition for their NCAA tournaments and are all considered “high risk” sports.

Just one week ago, University residents in Gibbons Hall had to be placed in a quarantine after 17 positive cases were identified in the building. Since then, COVID-19 cases have continued to skyrocket and are causing a major threat to the wellbeing of the Charlottesville community.

Over the past seven days, there have been 313 new cases recorded among students, contributing to a total of 376 cases across the entire University community. Also concerning is that the quarantine dorms — those reserved for people that have been exposed to COVID-19 — are 24 percent full. The isolation dorms — for those who have tested positive for the COVID-19 — are at 19 percent capacity. 

In response to the dramatic increase in positive COVID-19 tests, the University added 200 new quarantine beds on Feb. 15. Further, a University-wide COVID-19 Update sent Tuesday by University President Jim Ryan stated that the University would restrict operations, prohibiting in-person events and gatherings, on- and off-Grounds, closing recreational facilities and moving libraries to contactless pickup.

All of Virginia Athletics’ COVID-19 test results are included in the University’s COVID-19 tracker which is updated Monday through Friday by 4 p.m.