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McIntire School of Commerce extends offers to 63.8 percent of applicants

Decisions were released on Monday, and students have until March 8 to decide whether to accept the offer

<p>The GPA of accepted students ranged from 2.9 to 4.0.&nbsp;</p>

The GPA of accepted students ranged from 2.9 to 4.0. 


The McIntire School of Commerce released decisions for their B.S. in Commerce program Monday. According to McIntire’s Director of Undergraduate Admissions Sadie Royal Collins the school received a record-high 597 applications and extended offers to 381 students — an acceptance rate of 63.8 percent. Students must make a decision on the offer by March 8 at noon. 

No students were deferred, which Collins said was “in an effort to alleviate anxiety in an already challenging time.” In 2019, 38 students were deferred.

The acceptance rate in 2020 was 63 percent, with 358 students accepted into the program out of 568 that applied. Out of the 358 students offered admission, 351 students enrolled.

Collins said that the admissions process looked at students holistically, not just focusing on GPA but also looking at rigor, community engagement and leadership skills, as well as emotional intelligence observed through engagement in extracurricular activities.

The B.S. in Commerce program lasts two years. In the spring of their third year, Commerce students pick one or more concentrations within the program — advertising, finance, marketing, management or information technology. Students can also choose to further specify their course of study by choosing up to two of six tracks — business analytics, entrepreneurship, global commerce, quantitative finance, real estate or strategic brand consulting and communications. 

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions was unable to release data on demographic data prior to press time because the McIntire School will also accept applications from students at other colleges and universities in June, but Collins said that the GPA of accepted students ranged from 2.9 to 4.0. Students planning to transfer to the University during the fall of their third-year can apply to McIntire during the spring of their second-year. Through this route, admission to the University is contingent on acceptance to the McIntire program.

In 2020, the range of GPAs for accepted students was between 2.5 and 4.0, but the mean GPA was 3.71.

Second-year student Grace Henschel was recently accepted to the B.S. in Commerce program. 

“I’m super excited because I love the idea of the ICE program in that I get to try out all different areas of business to truly figure out what I want to do,” Henschel said. “McIntire also has a really awesome study abroad program and I’m hoping to go to Madrid in the spring of 2022.”

ICE stands for Integrated Core Experience — a hands-on learning experience for third-year McIntire students during which they work with a small group of fellow students, faculty and a corporate sponsor to solve business programs. 

Collins said that the McIntire Office of Admissions worked to connect with students despite the constraints of the pandemic by offering one-on-one advising sessions, virtual information sessions, newsletters and an admissions blog

“We had many initiatives aimed at underrepresented students in business, including our open house for women and collaborations with McIntire affinity groups and offices across Grounds, including UVA Admissions, the LGBTQ Center, Multicultural Student Services, Georges Student Center and the Office of African American Affairs,” Collins said.

Students graduating from the B.S. in Commerce program have a 97 percent placement rate after graduation and a $78,000 average base salary. 

The B.S. in Commerce program is not the only route at the University for students interested in business, however. Students can also choose to major in disciplines within the College, such as Economics or Statistics. 

According to the Economics Career Office, in 2019, 81 percent of students graduating with a degree in Economics accepted an employment offer for after graduation, while 14 percent planned to attend graduate school. The mean base salary for those accepting employment was around $64k, with 49 percent of graduates receiving a base salary between $65k and $85k.

Within the Economics department, students can choose to concentrate in Financial Economics, Industrial Organization, International Economics or Public Policy. The department is the largest in the College and has a career office dedicated to helping students learn about different career options and connect with alumni. The department of Statistics offers concentrations in Biostatistics, Econometrics, Engineering Statistics, Mathematical Statistics and Actuarial Finance.

The McIntire School of Commerce also offers minors in Leadership and in Entrepreneurship, as well as graduate programs in Accounting, Business Analytics, Commerce, Global Commerce and Management of IT.