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Top 10 places or ways to get furniture for your new apartment or house

Furnishing a college apartment doesn’t need to be a hassle or expensive

<p>Anna Mason is a Top 10 writer for The Cavalier Daily.</p>

Anna Mason is a Top 10 writer for The Cavalier Daily.

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1. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a great resource that allows people to sell items in communities. You can search the online store by location and item, allowing you to find a lot of furniture. Around the time that people are moving out or switching leases in Charlottesville, people will list their furniture on Facebook, often for much lower prices than new furniture. People are just as desperate to get rid of their furniture as you are desperate to furnish your new place. Picking up furniture from strangers has its risks, but if you are safe and take friends with you when possible, potential danger can be avoided.

2. Group chats and Facebook groups

Texting your friends or groups of people that you know at the University can also be very helpful. In club group chats or Facebook groups — especially U.Va.-specific group pages on Facebook — you can find furniture for sale and for free. Similar to the note about Facebook Marketplace, be careful when picking up furniture from strangers — pick somewhere public for the pick-up location and take a friend with you if you can. 

3. Amazon

Amazon and other online markets are great resources for buying furniture. Whether it’s small things like lamps and decor or larger items like desks and mattresses, Amazon has it all. Being able to have the furniture shipped directly to your new apartment or house is also a big plus. With Amazon Prime Student, shipping can be as quick as a few days — making it a perfect choice for last-minute finds. 

4. Your house or neighborhood at home

It may also be a good idea to look around at the furniture that you have at home or in your community. There may be neighbors who are redecorating or thinking about replacing their furniture and would most likely be glad to help you out. From old storage containers to small furniture pieces at home, these furnishings could make a world of difference in setting up your home away from home and save you just a little bit of money and time.

5. Target or other department stores

Target and Walmart are both great places for furniture, largely because most of the furniture is inexpensive and easy to assemble. With a Target at 312 Connor Drive — a 16-minute drive from Grounds — and a Walmart at 975 Hilton Heights Road — a 13-minute drive from Grounds — these stores are convenient if you can’t find furniture that can be passed down to you. 

6. Thrift stores

Thrift stores are good places to find decorative or nonessential items. While shopping at thrift stores, be sure to respect members of lower-income families who utilize these stores for functional furniture by leaving those items in the stores. Instead, look for more decorative finds and other small items that can make your new place feel like home. 

7. Drive around Charlottesville

On weekends when leases turn over, furniture can be found on the curbs of the streets behind the Corner. The furniture — if found before it rains — will be free and could be a great addition to your living space. The furniture will also be just a quick drive away from your apartment or house, so you won’t have to worry about transport or shipping.

8. Garage or yard sales

Similar to Facebook Marketplace, there are yard and garage sales in neighborhoods around both Charlottesville — and probably your hometown as well. Garage sales are great places to find solid furniture that can last a long time and serve as sturdy starting pieces. Buying furniture in person in Charlottesville can limit the shipping charge or the hassle of waiting for the furniture to be shipped to you. Similar to when people switch leases here, pass-down furniture is much cheaper than store-bought furniture.

9. Wholesale stores

With a membership to a wholesale store, the furniture that is sold there is often cheaper than other stores. Wholesale stores sell traditional household and food items in bulk, they also offer furniture and storage items. There is a large variety of furniture available, from couches to televisions and entertainment consoles. The furniture can be built once you get to your apartment or house and is easy to transport, making it convenient and relatively inexpensive.

10. DIY projects

Home Depot and Lowes have all of the resources you may need to make your own furniture. Tables or chairs could easily be built, depending on how crafty you are. This would be a fun way to put your own twist on the design of your living room or bedroom. Pinterest and YouTube are both great resources to learn how to make your own furniture. 


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