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Charlottesville’s moving art gallery

BozART Fine Art Collective opens art exhibit at local venue

<p>The event at BozART Fine Art Collective will continue through Aug. 14.</p>

The event at BozART Fine Art Collective will continue through Aug. 14.

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This summer, the BozART Fine Art Collective coordinated an art exhibit entitled “Feast Your Eyes Upon” at the local bakery and cafe Hot Cakes at Barracks Road Shopping Center. The event began July 5 and will continue through Aug. 14.

The BozART Fine Art Collective opened as a multi-medium gallery on the Downtown Mall in 1995 but has since transitioned to hosting its exhibits at local venues throughout the greater Charlottesville area. Some popular past venues include the University Hospital, restaurants, retirement facilities and city libraries. For the past three years, the organization has also had two locations that allow it to exhibit members’ work throughout the year — Random Row Brewery and Piedmont Place. By cooperating with different venues around the city, participating artists have the opportunity to reach a wider audience with their work, but a moving gallery presents unique challenges. The Collective must schedule events, work with representatives from venues and organize the logistics. Each show is overseen by an appointed member of the Collective.

“The facilitator learns about the space, when to install and deinstall the exhibit, asks which members are participating and coordinates with everyone,” Collective President Julia Kindred said. “The facilitator makes the final decisions on what goes in a show and how it is hung.”

Hot Cakes’ relaxing cafe setting and notoriously mouth-watering bakery make it the perfect choice for a late breakfast or a light afternoon snack. The “Feast Your Eyes Upon” art collection lines the walls, providing easy conversation inspiration for customers while they enjoy their coffee. The artists featured in the show are Randy Baskerville, Matalie Deane, Joan Dreicer, Judith Ely, Frank Feigert, Cassidy Girvin, Sara Gondwe, Julia Kindred, Julia Lesnichy, Brita Lineburger, Shirley Paul and Juliette Swenson. The show includes beautiful Blue Ridge skylines, lively birds, fields of flowers, vases of flowers, bowls in earthy neutrals and a particular favorite of many customers — Swenson’s matching watercolor rabbits and geese. The art provides a uniquely local touch to a small business loved by Charlottesville residents and University students alike.

“I was really happy to see such beautiful art from local talents,” third-year College student Olivia Young said. “I was surprised by the variety of styles that were showcased, some being realistic and some being abstract. I would love to go back and continue to see new pieces showcased.”

The BozART Fine Art Collective’s model of operation is extraordinary because it allows local artists to create without the burden of the commercial responsibilities that come with producing art professionally. The organization provides a community for the talented artists of Charlottesville and helps connect their work to audiences excited to experience their artistic vision. Charlottesville is, in part, such a remarkable place for the interpersonal connections it fosters — the city provides countless opportunities to support local businesses and appreciate local art with others in the community.

Students staying in Charlottesville for the summer should consider gathering their friends to visit “Feast Your Eyes Upon” and enjoy a delicious brunch. Hot Cakes is open Monday-Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.