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Top 10 places to study on Grounds

As exam season kicks in, it’s time to find some new, refreshing study spaces

<p>Madison Workman is a Top 10 writer for The Cavalier Daily.</p>

Madison Workman is a Top 10 writer for The Cavalier Daily.

1. Reading Room in Rouss-Robertson Hall 

Sorry, Comm students, you might be seeing some new faces here shortly. With surrounding windows that bring in lots of light and long, wooden tables stretching across the room, this  reading room offers a great space for studying. Located in Rouss-Robertson Hall, it’s not too far from central Grounds and the Corner if you want to grab a quick bite to eat. 

2. Your couch or bed 

There it is. I said it. Despite Heathline’s “6 Reasons Working from Bed Isn’t Doing You Any Favors,” I’m going to include it anyways and here’s why. Now, if you’re preparing for your biggest midterm of the semester, drowning in pages of economics graphs or physics calculations, I might have to agree with Healthline on this one — but hear me out. Picture yourself writing an expressive, thoughtful essay for, let’s say, a poetry class or English class. In this instance, unwinding, de-stressing and resting your back against a comfy surface might do you some favors. If that’s what it takes to get your juices flowing, then so be it. 

3. Charles L. Brown Science & Engineering Library

Oh, the Clark library. It never gets old — well, maybe it does sometimes. Nonetheless, I will never steer away from recommending this spot as a great library for studying. My favorite spot in Clark has to be the tables directly in the back behind the front desk. There’s just something about the enormously tall ceiling, large wooden tables and big comfortable chairs that makes me feel like I’m a grad student in law school. Rest assured — I’m not a graduate student in law school, but it’s certainly nice to feel this sort of sophistication while studying. 

4. The Rotunda 

The list just keeps getting better and better, right? The Rotunda is by far one of my most favorite places to study on Grounds. Talk about enormously tall ceilings and natural light. The iconic landmark of the University, the Rotunda is bound to have a sense of academia flowing through the air. Upstairs in the Dome Room, you can find little study nooks surrounded by bookshelves around the circumference of the building. Trust me, it’s a great place to begin that 12-page paper you have coming your way. 

5. The Lawn 

If you’re someone who likes to study with ambient noises surrounding you, I don’t know if there’s a more beautiful place to study than the Lawn. With the strange warm weather we’ve been having lately, grab a blanket, a friend and a book and head to the Lawn for a peaceful afternoon — and maybe a little bit of people-watching. You may not get that much reading done, but I guarantee you’ll be happy you went anyway. 

6. Grit Coffee

Who doesn’t love working in a coffee shop to switch it up? I know I do. It’s the perfect excuse to buy a warm cup of coffee and relish in the sweet, aromatic scents that fill the air. Grit Coffee is one of my favorite coffee shops to do work because there’s seating both outdoors in the shade and indoors in the warmth if it’s a chillier day. And I certainly can’t deny the fact that they have arguably the best seasonal coffees in Charlottesville. While I tell myself I’m going there to study, I think deep down I just go for the coffee.   

7. Nau Hall

Nau Hall is another great place to study and it’s typically not too crowded. On each floor, you can find study lounges with couches and on a pretty day, the terraces outside offer shaded study areas. Find a window nook or have a seat on the couch between classes. You might find yourself inspired by the change of scenery.   

8. Tents across from the Corner 

If the weather permits, the tents just across from the Corner offer a pleasantly shady, outdoor area to study. The best part of all is, if your stomach starts rumbling or your eyes start getting a little droopy, the Corner is right there to save you with a Bodo's Bagel or Starbucks coffee. Whenever I pass by this area, it’s always hustling and bustling, so if you’re looking for a communal outdoor study space, this is the place. 

9. New Cabell window sill

While I have never studied in a New Cabell window sill for an extended period of time, this is a great spot if you're looking for a quick change of scenery during a long day of studying. A perfect little nook for reading over your notes or diving into a textbook, lean back, enjoy the bright light and maybe catch a glimpse of something exciting taking place just beyond the window. 

10. Clem 1  

Last, and probably least, if you don’t want to be the last soldier awake studying for an exam at 3 a.m., I dare to say it, but you just might have to embrace Clem 1. If you’re a Clem 1 habitue, I sincerely apologize. I myself wouldn’t dare step in these corridors unless my academic standing depended on it and sometimes, unfortunately, that’s just the way it goes. I will say, Clem 1 has saved me multiple times, despite its harsh fluorescent lights and uncomfortable chairs.