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Cast and crew of “Insecure” stick the landing for the series finale

After six years of ups and downs with the characters, the show does a great job with most but falters on others

<p>Not only did “Insecure” ignite a renaissance in Black TV audiences haven’t seen since the late '90s, the series also introduced numerous Black creators to Hollywood including Issa Rae.</p>

Not only did “Insecure” ignite a renaissance in Black TV audiences haven’t seen since the late '90s, the series also introduced numerous Black creators to Hollywood including Issa Rae.

*This article contains spoilers. 

After five critically acclaimed seasons, HBO’s “Insecure” has come to a close with the final episode of the show titled “Everything Gonna Be, Okay?” “Insecure” takes an in-depth look into the dating and working lives of Black millennials in Los Angeles. Since Oct. 2016, audiences have invested their time into the main characters Issa Dee, played by Issa Rae, her best friend Molly Carter, played by Yvonne Orji, and on-again, off-again boyfriend Lawrence Walker, played by Jay Ellis. 

The show has been an important landmark in the history of television. Not only did “Insecure” ignite a renaissance in Black TV audiences haven’t seen since the late '90s, the series has also introduced numerous Black creators to Hollywood and rocketed them to fame. Thankfully, the series does a phenomenal job at ending the story arcs for many of the beloved characters.

Audiences focused much of their attention on Issa and her romantic life. Much of season five sees Issa with her boyfriend Nathan, played by Kendrick Sampson, and though their relationship is tumultuous and sometimes strained, the two commit to being together in the penultimate episode. 

In the finale episode, though, Nathan changes his mind — he believes the complicated nature of his relationship with Issa signifies they should not be together. 

Fans rooting for Nathan and Issa found themselves disappointed, but ultimately it’s nice to see Nathan excuse himself from his relationship with Issa. Often, television and film tell audiences to fight for relationships when in reality sometimes it is much healthier to leave the relationship and move on.

One of the main focuses of the show has been Issa and Lawrence and whether they should ultimately end up together. The two reunite at a party in the penultimate episode of the series, and things get awkward when Lawrence confesses to Issa that he loves her — the question remains, of course, if Issa still loves Lawrence. 

During the end of the series finale, it is ultimately revealed Issa and Lawrence have gotten back together. Though some viewers may have been surprised at this, seeing as though Issa and Lawrence often argued, it is clear that Issa and Lawrence were always meant to be together. 

The two simply needed to accept each other's flaws and communicate effectively for their relationship to work. In the series finale, we finally see this happen, and audiences can walk away assured that there is a cohesive end to the love story of Issa and Lawrence.

The last two scenes of the show feature conversations between Molly, and Issa emphasizing their love and support for each other. The scenes between the two women signify that while Issa’s relationship with Lawrence is vital to her happiness, her deep connection with Molly is on the same level of importance — maybe a little bit more.

In previous seasons, audiences had seen Molly struggle with finding the right man for her. In the finale, the audience learns Molly has married her co-worker Taurean, played by Leonard Robinson. Unfortunately, this part of Molly’s story arc does feel a little bit rushed — she does not get quite the amount of attention that Issa does in her romantic life. 

Not every character gets as satisfying a conclusion as Issa, Lawrence and even Molly — Tiffany, played by Amanda Seales, and Kelli, played by Natsha Rothwell, are the clearest examples. 

Tiffany moves to Denver during season five and during the series finale we see her new home, but the focus remains on Issa and her problems. Kelli never has a serious relationship throughout the whole series  — then it is revealed in this final episode she is pregnant with a man the audience has never met or invested time into, a strange conclusion for her character.

Overall, though, the writing of the show is excellent, and the technical aspects make the show even better. One of the best scenes of the episode is Molly’s gorgeously-shot Italian wedding. The costuming for the bride, groom, bridal party and groomsmen are excellent, the songs chosen for the whole episode fit very well and the transition shots, with b-roll of Los Angeles, are beautiful.

Even though not every character has a well-thought-out, sensible conclusion, the series finale is still enjoyable. Featuring intelligent writing, creative jokes and a beautiful look, anyone who has watched the show should definitely finish to enjoy the series finale. For those who haven’t started, “Insecure” is one of the best.