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A Very Important Reminder

You might be forgetting something right now… let me jog your memory

The summer time is when most fall victim to forgetfulness, but fear not, I am here to start the gears back up in your mind.
The summer time is when most fall victim to forgetfulness, but fear not, I am here to start the gears back up in your mind.

We have all been there. We have all experienced it. It is the feeling before an epiphany. It is an empty field of mental space, null and void of conscious thought. A barren wasteland of frustration and struggle. I am not talking about a specific place, per se. But a state of being which we have all experienced. “What is it?” you may ask. It is the state of Forgetfulness, and we have all fallen prey to its clutches. The summertime is when most fall victim to Forgetfulness. But fear not, I am here to start the gears back up in your mind. It may be too late for me, as there are multiple items on my to-do list that have continuously been pushed back since my memory has a habit of deleting stressful assignments. However, like a side character revived from the dead, I will use my 400 or so words left to assist you. 

You may be thinking the following. “How could you help me? You don’t even know me! And, you literally forget how old you are on a regular basis!” Relax. Cool down, my dude. I have mysterious methods of remembrance that I have learned over many years of forgetting about issues until they are too pressing to ignore. First, let me thin down the audience. 

Are you taking a summer class at the moment? If not, move on to the next paragraph. If so, there is a 110 percent chance that there is an assignment you are forgetting about. Trust me, I have about six TopHat assignments at the moment with their deadlines glowing in red. I recommend you scan through whatever syllabus, Collab page, or online textbook you have available. Even though at maximum you are in two classes, there is a pretty high chance that something has slipped your mind. Either an upcoming exam or miniature paper, there’s bound to be some condensed piece of homework that got forgotten between rewatching the newest Umbrella Academy season and trying, but failing, to plan your academic future. 

Now, if you skipped over the previous paragraph, that means you are not currently taking summer classes. You either may not be attending school at the moment yet are still nervously awaiting the next semester, have already escaped the maw of this country’s education system or are simply here for kicks. Maybe you are chilling out with friends or basking in the bliss of solitude. 

Either way, you are enjoying the summer to the fullest — excluding the still relevant COVID-19 pandemic and every other thing happening in the world. As such, the stress of a job, managing hang outs with friends or the crumbling foundations of this planet’s ecosystems may have you in a bit of a tizzy. No worries, I’ve got you covered. Take a look at your most recent emails, text message exchanges or whatever the youngins these days are using. There is possibly a phone call you forgot to circle back to, some application almost overdue or a friend who is five seconds away from knocking on your door after you slept through the time you were supposed to meet at. It is all a bit of a jiffy, I am well aware, so pat yourself on the back for taking a look. 

We all have a bit of a hard time keeping track of things. Our forgetfulness is, in no way, shape or form, something to be shameful about. It is a part of life, a state of existence that sometimes can be avoided but not always. The best thing to do is manage your memory in a way that works for you. Using an app to set reminders, a google doc filled with bullet points, one of those cool looking journals filled with stickers and aesthetically-pleasing entries that I am baffled people have time to do. There is some memory-rejuvenating tool for everyone to explore. But, right now, I think I’m done here. Although … I am 50 percent sure there’s something I’m forgetting to say. Whatever, I’m onto my next task.