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Camila Cohen Suárez

Five ways to not be bored while on Grounds

Until you lock yourself in Brown Library twelve hours straight for a quadruple-shot espresso fueled study fest when exam season comes to greet you with its cold claws, allow me to enlighten you with a few tips on how to banish your boredom.

Some days everything just goes wrong

A University Horror Story

I could be kidding myself, but it was at this point at which I determined my day would be utter trash. And I was right. Why else would I title this tale of sorrow “A University Horror Story” if I were not writing about a totally trash day? 

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Writing formal, appropriate emails is underratedly the most annoying and difficult aspect of being a college student.
pile of clothes, one of the many three foes of an individual
The summer time is when most fall victim to forgetfulness, but fear not, I am here to start the gears back up in your mind.

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