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Three easy ways to repurpose a rotisserie chicken

How to enjoy three meals with an affordable and delicious wholesale rotisserie chicken

The possibilities for savory and satiating meals are endless with a simple rotisserie chicken.
The possibilities for savory and satiating meals are endless with a simple rotisserie chicken.

As a college student who can deeply appreciate a cheap, fast and — not to mention — very delicious meal, the rotisserie chicken from Costco quickly became my go-to food product. With my busy schedule, having a nice and hearty meal can be a bit difficult to plan out or make. However, I have found that having a pre-cooked and tasty protein source like a rotisserie chicken gives me many yummy options for quick meals I can eat between classes.

While I usually gravitate towards Costco’s rotisserie chicken, many other grocery stores and wholesale stores like Walmart and Sam’s Club also have a nice selection of rotisserie chicken! After purchasing a rotisserie chicken, I take the time to tear off the meat and separate it from its bones and store it in Tupperware. I make sure to place any Tupperware of chicken that I want for later in the fridge. After that, the chicken is ready to add to any meal. Then, there are several ways to mix and match ingredients to craft chicken meals.

The first option — and probably the simplest — is making a chicken salad. I like to throw any veggies I have in my fridge into a bowl. This usually includes arugula, kale, cherry tomatoes, red onions and any other greens I may have. Then, I add a bit of my chicken and top off with a yummy salad dressing. This option is not only delicious, but also a meal that you can make in under ten minutes with your pre-cooked and roasted chicken.

Second is a simple chicken sandwich. Similar to the salad, my chicken sandwich usually consists of whatever is in my fridge that day and it always turns out well. On sourdough bread or whole-wheat bread, I’ll add greens, japanese mayonnaise, cheese, other veggies I may have and the chicken. Sandwiches are easy, on-the-go meals that I can take with me on Grounds to enjoy, allowing me to get my carbs, protein and veggies in. 

One of my other go-to meals is a chicken quesadilla, usually eaten past midnight. I first turn the stove on to medium-high, butter a pan and toss a flour tortilla on it. I then sprinkle cheddar cheese onto the tortilla and pieces of chicken evenly on top. I then sprinkle a bit more cheese on top of the chicken so that it can melt on the other side, and place another tortilla on top. After about two to three minutes, I flip the quesadilla so that the other tortilla can become toasted and crisp. After the cheese has melted to your liking, you’re ready to cut into slices and enjoy! This has become my go-to late night snack after a long study session at Clem.

With Costco and other grocery and wholesale stores such as Walmart and Sam’s Club just around the corner from the University, I recommend to any college student who could use an easy and delicious meal to swing by and pick up a rotisserie chicken. The chicken could last one person up to a week, which means a whole week of chicken salads, sandwiches or late night chicken quesadillas. The possibilities for savory and satiating meals are endless with a simple rotisserie chicken.


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