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U.Va. unveils highly-anticipated Lego collection

Lego sets of the most beloved spots on Grounds are now for sale at the U.Va. bookstore


The University is built upon two key principles — save cash and look cool. As part of its “look cool” principle, the University. has kickstarted its campaign to indoctrinate the younger generation by designing Lego sets of the most iconic spots on Grounds. This morning, U.Va. Lego sets made their debut in the bookstore. Each set represents a magical piece of the University.

Alderman Library, in Its Current State

As the most picturesque location on Grounds, this construction site was a no-brainer addition to the U.Va. Lego collection. The Lego set features all the scaffolding and hard hatted minifigures Alderman Library is famous for.

Parents will be pleased to know that this set will teach their children how a real construction site works, down to the details. In fact, this Lego set is so accurate that the mini jackhammer’s noise level is the same as in real life — an impressive 130 decibels. That’s almost as loud as a jet engine! Hearing protection sold separately.

Fun With the Tow Truck at Scott Stadium

Kids will have a blast handing out Lego parking tickets like a flower girl throws flowers. If your child feels guilty for charging students money, reassure them by saying, “Don’t worry, honey, it won’t make a dent in their tuition.”

The set also comes with a tow truck, which kids can use to tow as many Lego cars as they feel like without sending students any emails beforehand. 

The Lawn at Night

U.Va. opted for a painful level of accuracy in its Lego representation of the Lawn. This Lego set features a group of minifigures streaking the Lawn and a UNESCO employee minifigure averting their eyes. 

7 Day Junior

Although the Corner is technically not on Grounds, it represents an essential part of U.Va. student life. Instead of designing a Bodo’s Lego set, U.Va. created a 7 Day Junior Lego set because it represents a more “historic and sophisticated” part of the Corner. 

The Construction Site Next to the Dell Pond

This Lego set will teach children about nature — specifically, how to destroy it. The building under construction will house the Contemplative Sciences Center. Facilities Management explained that its design aims to “connect users to nature at each level of the building.” Inspired by this concept, the Lego set will allow kids to contemplate nature, too. They must chop down 500 mini trees to clear out a big enough space for students to experience nature.

The Lego set even features hazardous materials that children can play with. They can throw them in their water body of choice, whether it be a pond or the stream bordering the construction site. The set also comes with a three-headed fish for users to find in the stream.

From the 130-decibel mini jackhammer to the disturbed UNESCO employee, these new Lego collection represents the best parts of the University. Everyone deserves to take home a magical piece of Grounds, regardless of their age. Purchase your favorite set today at the bookstore.


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