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Kate McCarthy

Unless you want others to choose your fate for you, you must be the one to select your ideal nickname.

How to earn yourself a cool nickname

Looking back, I made the mistake of letting others choose my nickname for me. To protect you from this life of regret, I am here to guide you through the delicate process of earning yourself an awesome nickname.

Your guide to holiday gift-receiving

After consulting expert gift-receivers, I have compiled a survival guide to receiving gifts this holiday season. From social etiquette rules to thank-you note ideas, this manual contains everything you need to have the perfect reaction to every present you unwrap this winter.

I am not an angry man

After I received that ruthless feedback on the article, my roommate randomly stumbled upon a website announcing the annual CavMan interest meeting conveniently scheduled for the next day. “I’m going,” I announced.

How I became fluent in French in one week

Google Translate is a popular tool among language learners, but I do not trust it. I came up with a different tactic. Whenever I could not say something in French, I looked down at the sidewalk and fidgeted, muttering, “Je suis timide.”


After the second, third, or twentieth time asking someone to repeat what they said, the conversation comes to an awkward halt. To avoid this issue, assumptions must be made about what people say. If your brain is anything like mine, these assumptions are often entirely incorrect.

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Like any emotion, this feeling of being the coolest person ever eventually fades. Sometimes, it wanes over time. Other times, it’s immediately extinguished by my neighborhood pharmacist.

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