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The Most Famous People From U.Va.

Many celebrities once called the University their home — now, most of them are in jail

<p>Many of the celebrities we know and love today were once lowly students roaming around Grounds.</p>

Many of the celebrities we know and love today were once lowly students roaming around Grounds.

The University is the proud home of countless distinguished individuals and loves to talk about its successful alumni and force — I mean, invite — them to speak to current students. Many of the celebrities we know and love today were once lowly students roaming around Grounds. From these humble beginnings, many alumni have gone on to utilize the education they received at the University to make a tangible difference in the real world. They may have become famous through mugshots, but all press is good press, right? By learning their stories of success, we younglings can feel inspired to reach toward great heights. 

After performing extensive research, I have created a definitive list of seven of the most famous people to graduate from the University — a new Seven Society if you will. Here are the best of the best, chronologically.

Dr. Pepper, Soda Guy

As a household name, Dr. Charles T. Pepper is certainly one of the most mentioned University alumni. After attending the University for medical school, Dr. Pepper worked as a Confederate surgeon and is said to be the namesake of the famous soda brand Dr. Pepper. I can only imagine how overjoyed he would feel to know that his alma mater dispenses his drink daily to aspiring students.

Benjamin Franklin Stringfellow, Dentist in Disguise

Not to be confused with Founding Father Benjamin Franklin, Stringfellow embarked on a unique path to greatness. While Ben Franklin was busy inventing the lightning rod and signing the Declaration of Independence, Stringfellow chose a profession with a bit more prestige — dentistry. He frequently pretended to be a dentist in order to gather intelligence on behalf of the Confederacy. He would lure Union soldiers into his dental clinic to learn about their plans, which seems like an inefficient way to make the other side talk. “Open your mouth wider, I can’t reach your molars. So, what are the Union troops up to today?”

John Kennedy, The Other One

U.S. Senator John Neely Kennedy from Louisiana is not JFK, nor is he related to JFK. After graduating from the University, Senator Kennedy faced extreme hardships, such as only being allowed to drink water or milk on the Senate floor during a filibuster. He probably had a rough first day on the job when he walked into the Senate with his venti white mocha, quad shot, almond milk, kids’ temperature drink from Starbucks. 

Nonetheless, Senator Kennedy has persisted through these hardships to stand up for the causes that really matter. In an Instagram reel posted by the NRA, he says, “I believe love is the answer, but you ought to own a handgun just in case.” On another occasion, Senator Kennedy definitely stayed in his lane as a male and supported overturning Roe v. Wade by tweeting that it “corrects a legal and moral error.” Maybe he will correct himself one day.

Ana Montes, Former Spy

In 1979, Ana Montes earned a degree in foreign affairs from the University She went on to serve as a spy on behalf of the Cuban government for 17 years. Montes proves that with the right training from the College of Arts & Sciences, students can land jobs so exclusive that they are not even posted on LinkedIn. Talk about a degree that opens doors you never knew existed.

Jerry Falwell Jr., Former President of Liberty University

And fall well he did indeed. Falwell resigned from his position as the president of Liberty University in 2020 amidst a sex scandal. Well, actually, he resigned, went back on his decision, and then decided to resign again, all within the span of 48 hours. Not only did he fall once, but he went back just to do it again. I would call those pretty good falls.

Teddy Sears, Star of the Industry

After graduating from the University’s McIntire School of Commerce, Teddy Sears went on to use his cut-throat training in business to play a psychopathic killer on the hit television series “The Flash.” Thanks to McIntire, he had an easy time preparing for a role filled with manipulation and deception. Whether it be renowned business moguls or famous actors, McIntire is clearly a boot camp for the wicked.

George Santos, Former Congress Member Who Definitely Went to College

George Santos definitely graduated from the University — he told me he did and he even made a TikTok about it, so it must be true. Not only is George known for being honest, but he also makes very smart financial decisions. For example, he used campaign funds for Botox, proving that he really does care about the nation’s well being — he works hard to make his face easier to look at.

So, there you have it. Next time you need extra motivation to study for an exam, think back to this list. If you work hard enough, you might just land a spot between George Santos and Dr. Pepper on the esteemed list of the most famous people from the University.


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