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Bodo’s Bagels Announces Limited Edition Menu Item “Bagel—Taylor’s Version”

A swift addition to the Bodo’s menu shakes up breakfast on Grounds

A staple of University culture for decades, Bodo’s Bagels has been revered for its fantastic food and a consistent menu that never fails to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. Interestingly enough, this past week Bodo’s underwent a rare menu change to capitalize on the most recent pop-culture craze and draw in even more dedicated customers. Bodo’s regulars and first-timers alike were surprised to find that a new breakfast sandwich had been added to the menu Monday morning. This limited edition item is a 10-layer tower of bagel, cheese, protein and all the fixings that goes by the name of “Bagel — Taylor’s Version.” 

“I was really skeptical at first,” fourth-year Engineering student Abigail Ide said. “I’ve been going to Bodo’s for so long and I never change my order, but when you see something this crazy you just have to try it.” 

And the “Bagel — Taylor’s Version” is crazy indeed. 

“We wanted to create something original that would pay tribute to Taylor and be a great menu item at the same time,” third-year College student and Bodo’s employee Dorthea Moore said. 

Moore says she and her fellow coworkers pitched the idea for the “Bagel — Taylor’s Version” a month ahead of the re-release of her latest album, “1989 — Taylor’s Version.” The idea that came to be a reality was a breakfast sandwich that memorialized each of Taylor Swift’s 10 original studio albums, starting with a plain bagel to represent 2006’s “Taylor Swift,” followed by layers of plain cream cheese, red onion, tomato, blueberry cream cheese, crispy bacon, strawberry cream cheese, a fried egg, veggie cream cheese and ending with a blueberry bagel to represent 2022’s “Midnights.” 

During its initial 24 hours on the Bodo’s menu, “Bagel — Taylor’s Version” was met with passionate reviews from students across the University. 

“I immediately thought it was great,” third-year Engineering student Bobby Red remarked while munching on his third “Bagel — Taylor’s Version” of the week. “I mean, I was still totally hungover, like crazy hungover, like, can’t get out of bed hungover, from the weekend so maybe that had an effect, but still, delicious.”

Betty Lore, dedicated member of the “Swifties at U.Va.” club and a second-year College student said that she and her fellow club members all went together to try the new sandwich and were completely amazed. 

“I could’ve cried,” Lore said. “Even from that first bite, I think all of us could tell that Taylor’s spirit was with us while we were eating that bagel. It was almost a religious experience. Gosh, I’m getting choked up just thinking about it.” 

Some students, on the other hand, were not as impressed. Self-described “casual Taylor Swift enjoyer” and first-year College student Juliet F. Less said that she did not understand the hype in the slightest. 

“On some level I get it, but I mean, come on! Four kinds of cream cheese on the same sandwich? With an egg? And a whole bunch of other stuff too? It’s completely gross!” 

Several others agreed, including third-year Engineering student Clyde Repp, who, when asked about “Bagel — Taylor’s Version” immediately said that it was “completely and totally disgusting.” 

“My girlfriend begged me to come to Bodo’s and try it with her so I did. It was the worst thing I’ve ever tasted in my whole life. I broke up with her on the spot. I’m sorry, but I can’t be with someone that thinks strawberry cream cheese and tomato belong on the same bagel,” Repp remarked.

While “Bagel — Taylor’s Version” is certainly being met with its share of mixed reviews, the lines at Bodos have been as long as ever and buzzing with excitement over the mysterious new sandwich. If you’re a curious foodie, a Taylor Swift fanatic or just someone looking to form their own opinion on the latest breakfast craze, get down to Bodo’s before Dec. 13 and try the new “Bagel — Taylor’s Version” for just $19.89.


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